Product Design

Undergraduate Courses - Turin

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The Product Designer is a professional capable of initiating the process of innovation in all of its facets: creative, esthetic, social and technological. His role is in fact, that of understanding and foreseeing the needs of the market, put them into the context of the organization and translate them into a concrete project for eventual production on an industrial scale. His design culture must be vast, covering theoretical aspects as well as specific technical aspects of the project.

Career opportunities - Product Designer, Concept Designer, Self Made Designer.

Title - The First Level Academic Diploma is recognized by MIUR (Ministry for Education, University and Research) and equated with the Bachelor’s Degree issued by Universities.

  • Credits
  • Start date
    October 2022
  • Duration
    3 years
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Find out the pages dedicated to the creative professions: Product Designer. 

Context - Our current society is continuously changing and design is changing with it. The Designer's role is to generate products with new meanings for new needs and social evolutions. 

Methodology and structure - The course deals with all the different phases of the project method, from the briefing to the execution. It trains students to be professional designers able to tackle the needs connected with changes, translating research into expression. 

During the classes, the topics are related to the objects that we use everyday and that constitute the context, but also the means of exchange of our daily social, economic and cultural living. The projects developed during the course show how the changes can be useful as a push to innovative solutions, integrating technology to human activities and desires. They deal with topics such as ergonomics, material science, brand and marketing, in order to develop the ability of reading and anticipating the market's evolving needs and trends. 

The course also trains students to use different tools and methods according to different contexts and typologies of product.