May 16, 2019

Giorgio von Moos: the artisan of precious stones

Conversation with the Swiss high jewelry manufacturer, who is member the faculty of the IED Roma Master course in Jewelry Design and reference point for Bulgari.

He is within the faculty of IED Roma Master course in Jewelry Design, where he teaches how to cut stones and use them creatively. He defines his own idea about the whole process of jewelry making as “handcrafted”, and this is what he wants his students to learn.

“I learnt through experiencing, experimenting, verifying. Passion is not enough, one needs ability and mostly determination”, he says from his atelier’s desk in via Monserrato 34, within an XVIII century building in the heart of Rome.

Giorgio von Moos was born in Switzerland, and after an apprenticeship in graphic design he moved to Rome, an explosive city from a creative point of view. “In London, while working as a model, I started to mould wood and ivory in the spare time. Then I got back to Italy, I was creating ivory rings and bracelets at that time. I embraced stone cutting because of the need I felt of combining shape and colour”. Thanks to the Master Goldsmith Virgilio Mortet, Giorgio fine-tuned cut and chisel techniques and began to showcase its creation around Europe.

“In 1985, the turning point: I married Francesca, who attended a course in stone faceting. We built a fully-equipped enterprise”. The laboratory for the professional cut of precious stones founded by Giorgio and his wife determined their role in the field and brought them to the collaboration with Bulgari.
“Everybody say that I am lucky because I am passionate. It’s true, but passion is nothing without dedication”, he says about transforming our desires in a real profession, and adds “I have to and want to give my clients a top-level service”.