IED Network

March 26, 2021


Federico Peri graduated in Interior Design, IED Milano, in 2007. “I chose IED because I was looking for something really creative but, at the same time, pragmatic” he says.

His main interest was focused in learning how to act in the design field in a professional way. “IED really influenced my carrier, especially in the beginning during my first work experiences in design studios. Someway I was ready to take care to the creative aspects of a project and this helped me to find my role in a design studio where I work”.

A plus value on Federico’s opinion was interdisciplinarity featuring IED: “Even if I was studying interior design, my thesis project was a kitchen in collaboration with an Italian design brand. It was my very first project on industrial design field and it has been as much challenging that opens my mind even as a product designer”.

Federico is now an affirmed interior and product designer leading a studio in Milan where three people work with him at different projects. He deals with interior design projects that are residential, hospitality or commercial spaces, and collaborate with design brands and design galleries.

Thanks to IED attention towards sustainability and environmental issues, Federico takes great account of them on his company choices – We are also very sensitive to the issue. As a design studio we force our clients to be responsible and use the right materials. We are doing deep research about sustainability and durability avoiding to choose materials that are difficult to dismantle”.

You can read the full interview here