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May 11, 2020

IED in Colombia

Istituto Europeo di Design will participate in the 14th edition of the Mario Hernández 2020 Design Award at Bogotá

IED recognizes the talent of Colombian design in the next edition of the “Mario Hernández Design Award“.

Throughout the second semester of 2020, the award ceremony of the 14th edition of the annual Prize will be held, which encourages the creativity of students in careers in design, architecture, fine arts, music, advertising, arts, audiovisual media or digital media and related careers.

This is one of the most recognized events in the creativity and design field in Colombia. Students from the most important Universities and Academic Institutions of the country will participate.

The award winners will receive scholarships for the 2020/2021 Summer courses at IED Schools located in Spain and Italy.

In 2020, the theme has to do with COLOMBIAN LUXURY, which comes from the rich ancient past and Colombian history. That is the true Colombian luxury that students from different areas of design, will bring to life.

Starting from this theme, the participants will be able to be inspired by the customs, fauna and flora, landscapes, music and colors of Colombia, to create unique accessories with the Mario Hernandez identity.

The award categories are:

1.- “Mario Hernández Universe Product” for leather goods, footwear, jewelry and garments.
2.- “Mario Hernández Experience” where the aim is to create new moments of interaction between the brand and the customer, stimulating senses and emotions, applied to different communication channels such as digital, activations, after-sales experiences, customer service model, etc.
3.- “Store”, where the Furniture, Ephemeral Architecture and POP Material projects will be presented.

The evaluation criteria for those who presented their projects were:

Identity: considering the theoretical framework and coherence between the proposal and the reality of Mario Hernández universe.
Originality: Unique proposals, innovative solutions
Feasibility: Possibility of rMario Hernándezealization.
Inspiration: Relationship with the proposed theme.

The  brand was founded in Bogotá in July 1978, and today it has become one of the main brands in the region in its business, targeting a segment of clients of medium-high socioeconomic status.
In 1998 Mario Hernández launched his first collection inspired by butterflies, a concept that has remained an icon of the company until today.

40 % of production is destined for the international market. Currently, they manufacture around 150,000 bags, 10,000 jackets and 50,000 pairs of shoes a year, which are sold through nearly 70 points of sale distributed among Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Aruba and Panamá. In addition to its presence in Russia and China, among other countries outside the region.

IED has been collaborating with this initiative for several years and recognizes the value of the young talents, that participate and the contribution and impact of the award in the sector.