July 13, 2021

PÓST IED Avant Défilé 2021, the original graduate fashion film presented at Milano Moda Uomo

11 collections, 13 performers from the Accademia Kataklò, a great dane dog and 7 places in Milan that is starting up again after the pandemic: it is a video performance to host the thesis collections of the best IED 2020/21 Fashion Design graduates. In the fashion film entitled PÓST IED Avant Défilé 2021, presented at Milano Moda Uomo Fashion Week under the creative direction of Olivia Spinelli and directed by Nicola Garzetti, the students collections come to life in a dialogue between fashion and dance, a union that finds its foundation in a common ground, the human body, a communicative vector of life and rebirth.

Watch it here

The encounter with the physicality of the Accademia Kataklò performers (directed in interpretation and vement by Giulia Staccioli and Vito Cassano) enhances the expressive value of the outfits, giving shape to narrative pictures that unfold in places such as the Arena Civica Gianni Brera, the Bagni Misteriosi swimming pool and the Franco Parenti Theatre, the Circolo Arci Bellezza, the DanceHaus Susanna Beltrami school, the Piscina Cozzi – Milanosport swimming pool, the Chiesa Rossa Library – Milan Library System. The soundtrack composed by sound designers Cosma Castellucci, Mattia Liciotti and Riccardo Santalucia (Alumni IED Milano) helps create the settings, further emphasising the fusion of dress and movement.

11 graduate collections are featured in the fashion film, projects that move between a sense of cultural belonging and the need to resist and revolutionise. The designers are Alexandru Basalic, Luca Bianco, Dara Silva Bulleri, Susanna Dalgrosso, Elia Docente, Elena Gregori, Andrea Annarita Mazza, Alessia Monachino, Gaetano Stea, Marco Terenzi, Anna Vedovelli. They will be worn by the performers who are students from Kataklò professional courses: Gian Mattia Baldan, Niccolò Basile, Chloé Bertini, Giulio Caravatti, Federica Cuzzaniti, Giorgia Faggionato, Lucio Failla, Naomi Gino Grillo, Sabrina Mastrorocco, Luis Miguel Nuñez, Benedetta Terracciano, Ginevra Tomella, with the very young Raoul Turri (a pupil of the children’s courses) and the extraordinary participation of a four-legged performer, the harlequin Great Dane Talitha Cum.