December 3, 2020

TUTA, the gender-neutral jumpsuit for all humans.

TUTA is a sustainable jumpsuit which suits all genders, its fabric is lightweight and fits like a second skin: a sustainable, timeless and unique piece for all genders which can be stylized it in different ways.

Designed by Out of Binary, brand founded by the students from Master in Fashion Business at IED Firenze, and produced by Cipriani Couture, TUTA was launched via a Kickstarter campaign which will allow the purchase of a limited number (10 pieces) at an early bird price. Those who buy the jumpsuit will be able to customize it with different patches and colors making it unique and special.

“We’re on a journey towards sustainability, for people and for the planet”– say the girls “Our products are made from surplus luxury fabrics that minimize the impact on the environment while maximizing style and comfort. By sourcing surplus fabrics, we commit to our sustainable model and offer you a piece that is truly unique. When you buy from Out Of Binary, you not only get a timeless and versatile piece, but also contribute towards saving the planet”.

Discover the Kickstarter campaign.
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