Fashion Blogging

Continuing Study Programs - Venice

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Through this course you will be guided in the creation of a fashion blog, a valuable tool from the commercial point of view, providing you with the elements to develop contents and define an effective editorial plan.

You will learn to write effective articles, following the rules of copywriting and offering readers quality contents. Additionally you will learn how to structure a blog so as to achieve specific objectives such as: communication between company and its customers, brand awareness, customer care, etc.

Through the analysis of successful case studies you will be guided towards the definition of blog format and the production and selection of contents for its customisation.

  • Start date
    July 2021
  • Duration
    15 hours
  • Attendance
  • Language

Attendance: 3 - 4 hours a day, from Monday to Friday. Lessons take place between 12:00 and 16:00 Italian time.

Target and requirements: The course is aimed at candidates with a strong interest in fashion and knowledge of the language of the course. No previous experience or training in the sector is required.                     

Metodology and structure: The course is structured as an online laboratory allowing you to move your first steps in the creation of a fashion blog.

The course is characterised by theoretical lessons, supplemented with practical activities, and a series of tasks to be developed for the day after, or in any case by the end of the course.

During the course, the teacher, professional in the field, will share with you his knowledge and experience and will answer your questions.

The Fashion Blogging course will be supported by a module of more than 20 hours of videos with IED faculty and IED Alumni on key disciplines of creativity: fashion, interior, product and graphic design, and a selection of cross-disciplinary subjects.

The videos are designed to help you build a foundation in the creative fields, or to widen and develop your knowledge in different areas of creativity, in a self-paced learning.