Start date

January 2025




On campus


6 Months


30 IED

Course Coordination

Pablo Erroz, Eñaut Barruetabeña


€ 6,400

Reinterpret the concept of men's fashion to create quality, personalized, original and contemporary designs.

The Postgraduate Course in Men's Fashion Design offers comprehensive learning at every stage of creating a collection for men, including managing production, distribution and communication processes.

To do this, it examines key design techniques and tools, concept research, fabric manipulation, digital printing, transforming patterns and volumes, as well as cutting and making the garments for the final collection.

The porgram encourages personal expression and sensitivity when experimenting with traditional and new codes, without being a specialization in classic tailoring.

Information to decide

A postgraduate that advocates research, experimentation and know-how in the field of contemporary menswear.

The program combines specific theoretical knowledge with a strong practical focus. The teaching activities include a time for workshops, group work and master classes given by professionals, interspersed with time for the project and review of the work.

In the workshop, you will apply different techniques and stages of assembly. Based on the feedback received, you will create garments taking into account the importance of understanding the needs of the user, the technical requirements as a result of this, the creative design process, experimentation with volumes and silhouette, the selection of materials and specific manufacturing techniques used in the sector. 

There will be practical exercises and assistance from professionals in the sector at every stage of producing a garment, with the application of an interdisciplinary methodology. Another outstanding aspect is the encouragement of your individual expression and sensitivity, as well as your autonomy to make decisions. 

The Final Project, which brings together all knowledge learned on the postgraduate program, is developed in a personal way and is aimed at creating and producing a fashion collection, from the concept to the finished pieces, including their presentation. Each subject relies on a member of the teaching team, who professionally monitors and assesses the student's progress on a continuous basis.

  • Fashion designers who want to specialize in the menswear sector, reinterpreting tailoring and menswear techniques to include them in the contemporary/current context.

  • Professionals with proven experience in the fashion sector, related to creative research, and designing and producing collections.


To access the program, you have to submit your Curriculum Vitae and an academic and/or professional portfolio.

At the end of the postgraduate, you will be able to plan a men's fashion collection that conveys contemporaneity and personality. You will be able to design garments through a creative process (concept, experimentation, research), consistently selecting the elements that best convey your inspiration and aesthetic universe.  

Depending on your previous training and experience, you will be able to work as a professional men's fashion designer in creative departments of fashion brands or in textile manufacturing companies, as well as independently starting your own project.

You will study in a city like Barcelona, a cosmopolitan capital and one of the benchmarks of the current Fashion System. You will also do it in one of the most prestigious fashion schools, with a marked international and interdisciplinary vocation that will enrich your training experience.

The postgraduate program takes the pulse of macro trends in men's fashion at a social, environmental and economic level, and of the changes that society will have to adapt to over the next 30 years. It will provide you with the culture and design tools necessary to deal with these changes successfully and make you a source of innovation. 

In addition, IED Barcelona collaborating with companies in the sector will allow you to access a network of contacts throughout the program of your training.

In this master's degree you’ll consider the social, environmental and economic aspects of macro fashion trends, and the changes society must adapt to over the next 30 years. We’ll take a close look at design culture and the tools necessary to make these changes, embracing change as a source of inspiration for innovation. 

What’s more, IED Barcelona's strategic collaboration with fashion brands puts you right where the action is, to create a network of useful contacts and take your first steps in the world of fashion.


What will you learn?

This course gives you a global overview of fashion design, and leaves no stone unturned. It covers everything involved in the creation, production and promotion of a collection or Fashion Design project. Last but not least, you’ll prepare a Final Project Master's Thesis to showcase everything you’ve learned in the course.

Fashion Representation Techniques

Project Communication


Pattern Design

Creative Design/Modelling

Tailoring Workshop


Research and Sketchbook

Project Communication


Tailoring project

Final project

Final project II - Stamping


Pablo Erroz

Course Coordinator

Eñaut Barruetabeña

Course Coordinator

Fabricio Pérez


Arturo Martínez


Sergio Plaza García