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Start date

July 2023




On campus


15 days

The course involves the entire process of designing and producing a piece of jewellery: from the initial inspiration until the presentation of the item. 

The Summer Course in Jewellery Design equips students with the knowledge and tools they need to project, design and produce metal jewellery. This involves studying the entire process of designing and producing a piece of jewellery: from the initial inspiration and illustrating the concept to producing a graphic representation and 3D modelling before finally presenting the item. 

Today’s trend towards handmade and crafted goods gives designers the chance to handle the material and apply 3D modelling techniques to a specific product. 

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The aim of the summer course in Jewellery Design is to provide students with the know- how and skills to project their idea of a piece and forge it in metal. The course covers the entire creative process involved in designing and producing a piece of jewellery.

First, students focus on the concept, feeding on inspiration from the history of art and the history of jewel-making, and relating this to current trends in the world of Fashion. This is followed by a presentation and illustration of their first ideas, which then moves on to working with the actual material and ends by teaching students how to use the workshop tools and 3D modelling.

The course combines theory with practice in order to fully achieve the programme's objectives.

Practical lessons take place in a jewel-makers workshop, where pieces are made following different working and manufacturing methodologies: molten wax, 3D modelling... Students are then asked to produce a final project that involves a collection of at least three pieces made in the workshop. 


The course is targeted towards undergraduates in design, as well as graduates and professionals seeking a new learning experience where they can put their creative skills into practice.


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