Start date

November 2024


Full time


On campus


9 Months

Course Coordination

Giorgio Ammirabile

Unleash your creativity and impact the future of a fashion house, developing design projects and seeing your ideas come to life from concept to catwalk.

Take charge and lead brands to success with your creative vision and analytical mindset. From fashion shows and product design to the careful cultivation of artist and celebrity relationships, study the art of Creative Direction in the land that has brought about some of the most cherished names in Italian fashion, such as Gucci, Pucci, and Ferragamo. 

The Master in Creative Direction for Fashion has been created to help students develop a strategic and innovative approach to the world of fashion design, applying structured methodologies to produce stunning creative pitches that convincingly express their ideas. 

Students will study the intrinsic links between fashion, art, and communication,  analyzing the evolution of a professional figure and the market of reference through lectures, labs, and projects. Students will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in prestigious company visits, coming into direct contact with a variety of professional figures from the local fashion scene.

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Understand fashion as part of a broader creative spectrum and develop innovative fashion design projects while learning to effectively communicate your artistic vision.

The IED Master in in Creative Direction for Fashion is founded on a theoretical-cultural approach that integrates creative and managerial skills, providing students with both the professional and social competencies needed to make brands relevant and profitable. 

Students will hone in on their innate leadership skills, ensuring the ability to effectively communicate with a variety of stakeholders, influence decision making, and guide team members towards a common goal.  

The course’s final project will see students developing a professional project proposal for the launch of a personal brand or the restyling of an existing brand from the real market. This proposal represents a concrete strategy that integrates all the topics covered in the course into a new brand image on the market.

As a Creative Director in fashion must deal with visual, creative, and managerial tasks, a background in fashion design - or at least communication – is highly recommended. However, candidates from other creative sectors bordering on fashion will also be considered.

The course has been designed to prepare students for careers in Creative or Fashion Director roles, as well as for those ready to pursue an entrepreneurial path. The skills and competencies acquired in this program may also be fundamental if students aim to occupy high-level positions, such as Chief Creative Officers, in the future.

In the Master's Course in Creative Direction for Fashion, three core areas are covered, including engineering in design, communication strategy planning, and the creation of a brand image that is appealing and effective. This is the culmination of a journey spanning design, communication, and merchandising. Taking this course will set you apart from the rest since you will experience first-hand how business entrepreneurship works in the fashion industry. Throughout the program, you will gain an understanding of a variety of business - related topics, while always working within a creative ecosystem that combines creativity with management skills. This course provides cross-cutting, multidisciplinary ideas and new perspectives on the fashion industry.

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

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The study programme of the Master’s in Creative Direction in IED Florence consists of both face-to-face lectures and workshops with a practical focus, all alternating to provide you with a well-rounded training based on a 'learning by doing' approach.

You will have the opportunity to exchange views with industry professionals and leading players as you attend seminars and workshops and have your projects assessed by a panel of fashion industry experts.

The Subject you will be trained on are:

- Culture, Society and Trends

- Design Management

- Graphic Tools

- Creative Direction

- Brand Management

- Fashion Business

- Company visits

- Final Project


Giorgio Ammirabile

Content Creator & Fashion Editor

Course Coordinator

Danielle Kwateng

Executive Editor at Teen Vogue

Alessandro Mammola

Communication Strategist

Amis Garrigue

Creative Director

Valerio De Benedetti

Managing Director

Corinna Chiassai

Fashion Designer and Creative Director

Marco Bartolucci

Fashion brand consultant

Anne-Marie Mousseau


Antonio Calò


Domitilla Caratti


What people say

“The most compelling fashion brands of today have found a way to balance innovative design and creativity with social consciousness. Consumers are no longer mesmerized by popularity or cache — they want to invest in clothing that speaks to their identity and tells a story. As a style editor and writer, I’m excited to share my perspective on fashion’s evolution through youth culture with IED’s master class.”

Danielle Kwateng

Creative Direction for Fashion Master Course Mentor

“Fashion Brands are the essence of personality, creativity, design and craftsmanship. Fashion Brand Management is how to turn that into reality.”

Theo Grassl

Fashion Brand Management Master Course Mentor

"Understanding the impact of trends and what is necessary for a business means comprehending the history, how they move through culture and how the memes play into dispersing trends over seemingly disconnected sectors is essential.”

Elizabeth Bowring

Fashion Trend Forecasting Master Course Mentor

“We are living in a historical moment in which it is necessary to break the vicious cycles, rules and schemes that were created in another era and cannot be sustained today.”

Margherita Maccapani Missoni

Fashion Business Master Course Mentor

“Buying and Merchandising is a balance of clever fashion sense and business expertise. Because of the new fashion rhythm is a key function for fashion brand and retailer since it requires a proactive professional, who is always up-to-date on the latest trends, to better understand what final consumers want to buy.”

Andrea Selvi

Fashion Merchandising and Buying Master Course Mentor