Fashion Marketing



Start date

January 2024


Full time


On campus


1 Year

Course coordinator

Stefania Maglia


20.100 €

Learn how to best interpret market trends as a way to achieve successful brand vision implementation. Here’s what awaits you with the Master’s Course in Fashion Marketing at IED Milano

Become a professional who can understand and analyse market data, building effective strategies for the fashion industry.

The Master's Course in Fashion Marketing will help you develop a variety of professional skills through a multidisciplinary approach, covering everything from strategic marketing, visual merchandising, market trends analysis and interpretation, all the way to the effective brand development strategies.

This programme seeks to train up the Fashion Marketers of tomorrow. As such, the training provided will help you develop the skills you need to navigate a market as competitive as the fashion industry, as you also learn how to successfully introduce new and unique product differentiation features.

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Seeking perfection of content and how best to make it visible

The Master's Course in Fashion Marketing will give you the opportunity to establish strong links with leading companies, both domestically and internationally. This way, you will acquire knowledge and skills about marketing strategies, case studies, and business projects.

Coursework will be focusing on key aspects of fashion, covering everything from fashion communication/marketing strategies all the way to analysis of consumer needs and digital media. You will learn how to develop a creative and strategic approach, based on extensive application of your innovative thinking.

This Master's Course seeks to train up professionals who can take on new challenges in the fashion industry and do business with creativity and strategy in mind, without losing sight of how market trends and the world around us evolve.

The Master's Course in Fashion Marketing at IED Milano is for those like you who look at market signals and data as a way to better understand consumer needs and introduce innovation.

It is specifically designed for students with undergraduate education in the areas of Fashion, Marketing and Communication, as well as for young professionals with relevant experience in the industry.

Applications from students with other backgrounds will also be considered.

Since 2001 the Master's Course in Fashion Marketing at IED Milano has been providing training with a global perspective, building on the strength of a community of students with very diverse geographic and cultural backgrounds. All along the way, theory is applied on a daily basis, but there is no theory topic that is not then applied through designs and/or case history analysis.

Upon completion of your training, you will have the opportunity to approach different areas of the fashion industry, working with either companies or consulting firms or marketing & communication agencies. You will also be able to work in business development, distribution and retail.

This Master’s Course will give you the opportunity to come into contact with key players and locations of fashion and culture in Italy, including exhibitions, museums and showrooms. These are all experiences that will contribute greatly to expanding your professional background.


This Master’s Degree consists of modules covering a variety of marketing activities, with a special focus on planning and management skills. The idea here is to enable you to analyse different processes and use effective methods for marketing and branding strategies in the fashion industry.

The fashion industry will be investigated as a historical and cultural phenomenon, with analysis extending from the development of style codes to the appearance of avant-garde style. Emerging talents, fashion weeks, communication through print or web editorials will be analysed as well.

You will delve into fashion business and learn how to draft a marketing plan, how to work on market positioning and promotions, and also enhance brand value as you build up and create a unique style.


Fashion Marketing & Communication
Fashion Brand Management
Fashion Methodology
Strategic Marketing
Fashion Design Management
Fashion Sociology and Trends
Fashion Culture
Project Management and Workshop Innovation
Progetto di Tesi


Stefania Maglia

Consultant in brand and marketing strategy for fashion and lifestyle brands

Course Coordinator

Andrea Venturi

Head of Paid Advertising

Stefano Fadda

Art Director, Trend Forecasting and International Business Development Director

Matteo Zanibon

Key Account Manager

Marco Malinverno

Sole Director Propers srl

Federico Ferretti

Head Of Milan Experience Design Centre

Fabio Foschi

Professional Consultant in Business Management and University Lecturer in Management Economics

Silvia Casaluci

International Head Hunter - HR Advisor

Elena Muserra De Luca


Francesca Perani

Architetta-attivista, grafica, illustratrice e docente IED

Gordon Cesareo

Brand Design Consultant and Creative Director

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