Brand Reputation and Digital PR



Start date

February 2024






2 Months

Course Coordination

Lorenzo Brufani


1.250 €

An effective and strategic course on monitoring, improving, and managing the image of a company

To overcome a reputation crisis in a timely and transparent manner

It is through consistent and distinctive communication, along with the continuous management of user reviews, questions, and criticism that a company achieves a positive reputation. A brand's long-term success depends on its ability to establish a solid position in the market. 

By the end of the course, you will be able to conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses of online data and conversations, as well as devise effective strategies to deal with the increasingly frequent media attacks, in both conventional and social media.

Information to decide

"You will learn by doing", with practical cases provided by expert lecturers

The study programme has an extremely detailed and operational methodological approach.

Specifically, you will learn how to monitor brand sentiment, implement lead generation strategies and optimise online presence from the SEO perspective. Furthermore, you will explore new platforms, tools, and methods for creating unbreakable digital communications. In addition to learning how to defend the reputation of the brand, you will also learn how to prevent crises by recognising critical issues early on and managing them effectively.

The study course aims to meet the needs of two types of students:

-        communication and marketing professionals who want to strengthen their skills in reputation management;
-        graduates or young professionals wishing to specialise in the two new professional figures of Brand Reputation Manager and Digital PR, which are in great demand on the job market today.

This IED course is unique in the educational context, especially because:

-        It provides both technical PR and digital marketing skills, facilitating the development of a complete professional profile that is competitive in the workplace;

-        It acts as a real laboratory where the concepts learnt can be applied, with cases provided by lecturers from companies and communication agencies;

-        It also provides an in-depth look at internal corporate communication, nowadays an indispensable element not only for building team loyalty and attracting talent, but also for promoting the corporate image;

-        It delves into the dynamics and strategies of green marketing, to understand how to use sustainability as a reputation lever without running the risk of greenwashing.


The programme is divided into eight modules in which the following topics will be discussed: network analysis and listening, SEO optimisation and web marketing, traditional public relations, digital public relations, new digital professions, the media industry, crisis communication in times of social media and internal social communities.


Lorenzo Brufani

Founder & CEO Competence

Course Coordinator

Gabriele Gallassi

Edoardo Dal Negro

Fabio Nobili