Content Management and Copywriting



Start date

March 2023




On campus


4 Months

Course coordinator

Valentina Barzaghi


2.650 €

The Content Management and Copywriting course is designed to provide participants with the necessary skills for managing all phases within which the narrative of a brand, product or service is articulated, as well as the resulting production of contents and variations which support this narrative.

The meeting of marketing and rhetoric and the renewed interest in the art of narration for promotional and positioning purposes have emphasized the importance of strategies to produce content that communicates with stakeholders, current and prospective, mastering techniques once considered as falling within the domain of literature and the audiovisual industry. 

Within the broader context of “storytelling management”, the creative strategies surrounding online and offline content have seen their specific gravity increase, and are now an essential element in the building of brand identity and the making of a credible and relevant product, allowing you to maintain an effective and long-lasting relationship with its customers. The Content Manager becomes the professional who, starting from the practices of “copywriting”, approaches the largest and most modern creative strategies of production and distribution of content. In this way, their range is expanding enormously: at web publishing companies, everything involving information, creativity, sharing is a job for the Content Manager. They are not only called upon to design appropriate, valuable and high-quality content for existing and prospective customers, but also to define the best strategies for carrying out the production of strategic content marketing projects. 

Language: The lessons are held in Italian language; to attend the course, is required a good knowledge of Italian language reading and oral comprehension.

Information to decide

The Content Management and Copywriting course offers participants an active and practical route to the core of this fascinating evolution that has struck close to the world of communication and marketing, also affecting all professions connected with these. In addition, it is an analysis of current and proactive strategies at the foundations of “content strategy” and “content production”, providing all the operational tools required to “manage” the content: from the creative execution of the project through to the elaboration of a winning strategy. The course is media-neutral. Therefore, we propose to study and implement integrated and “cross-media” projects, which can be developed with the same communicative efficiency across all media, traditional and non-traditional. 


Introduction of the course: structure and objectives. Types of content and related different life cycles of the product-content.
Content and copywriting: analysis of the relation between the two terms, past and present.
Cross-media content: famous examples and success stories.
Strategic approach: creative content at the service of a brand.
Brand communication: personal branding.
SEO: "Content broadcasting"
SEM and Web Marketing
Brand communication: building content for third parties.
Web Writing
Viral Content
Editorial Content Management
The Copywriter’s job
Videos as a “super” content vehicle
From the design to the brief analysis: imagining contents
Adapting contents: how to structure one’s narrative
How to spread content
How to keep content alive


Valentina Barzaghi

Course Coordinator

Valeria Fioretta

Filippo Tramelli

Roberta Abate

Pellegrino Bozzella

Andrea Girolami

Fabio Padoan

Marina Pierri

Martina Ricci Gori

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