Content Management and Copywriting



Start date

March 2025




On campus


4 Months

Course Coordination

Valentina Barzaghi


2.750 €

The course to become an all-round Content Manager by structuring an up-to-date strategy based on the latest industry trends.

To create integrated and cross-media projects for digital media communication.

In order to build and consolidate a brand's reputation, describe the product or service in an authentic way, and outline an original and distinctive approach, a flexible and coherent copywriting, storytelling, and content management strategy is essential. The course aims to convey all the skills needed to manage each stage of storytelling, from defining values to developing an editorial strategy. During the course, you will learn how to structure a customised, credible communication for each brand, capable of establishing a lasting relationship of trust with the audience. At the end of the course you will also know how to design and create a website with Wordpress, developing a personal project.

When enrolling, you have the option of attending the course entirely in person or remotely.

Information to decide

Carry out project work and create your own editorial product

How is innovative content created? What are the indispensable tools a Content Manager needs to know? How to overcome the critical factors one may encounter when setting up a content strategy? The course structure addresses these questions and many others, covering a variety of content types, presenting successful case studies, and exploring each stage of the creative process. You will also learn how to write seo-friendly, search engine-optimised and relevant content for the reader.

This course provides theoretical and practical knowledge for anyone wishing to become a professional Content Manager, whether employed by an agency or company, or working as a freelancer.

In particular, it is the right choice for professionals working in the fields of communication and marketing who wish to enhance their skills through a vertical development approach.

Thanks to this course you will:

●      Quickly learn basic and advanced techniques to effectively write a text that engages the reader, promotes a product or service, and conveys a relevant message;

●      Learn how to use Wordpress, one of the most widely used platforms for creating and managing websites;

●      Learn about SEO logic to write content focused on users' online searches;

●      Enter the world of social media marketing to design a specific editorial plan for different channels;

●      Have the opportunity to learn from experienced lecturers in the field, such as Content Creators, Social Media Managers and Journalists


Various topics will be analysed during the course, including: different types of content and brand communication, SEO writing and web marketing, the use of the WordPress programme, social media marketing with successful examples, and editorial content management.


Valentina Barzaghi

Course Coordinator

Valeria Fioretta

Filippo Tramelli

Pellegrino Bozzella

Andrea Girolami

Fabio Padoan