Start date

April 2025




On campus


3 Months

Course Coordination

Antonio Barrella


1.900 €

An immersive path to achieve success in the fashion industry through the use of captivating images that tell a story, capture attention, and excite.

Become familiar with the creative and business principles of fashion photography and gain the fundamental confidence to work efficiently on a photographic set.

As much more than a mere professional, the Fashion Photographer is a true artist of beauty, combining aesthetic taste with sensitivity without sacrificing the essential technical skills of the industry.

The course consists of two parts: one comprises the theoretical-practical modules aimed at attaining the fundamental technical knowledge to manage the set and the photo shoot, and the other involves practical exercises to acquire the necessary familiarity with the tools associated with the professional practice.

After completing the course, participants will be able to professionally develop and coordinate all stages of production, including the organisation of a shoot and the management of relations with model agencies, editorial offices, press offices and different professional figures.

Information to decide

The invaluable opportunity to engage with leading photo editors and professional photographers.

A primary objective of the course is to prepare Professional Photographers specialising in the fashion industry who have a solid understanding of both the technical and organisational aspects of their profession.

In order to gain a better understanding of current trends and creative dynamics, we will analyse case studies of particular relevance in fashion photography history.

You will learn to master lighting techniques to ensure optimal light management in relation to the design and layout of the set. In addition, ample space will be devoted to the Stylist-Photographer relationship during the various stages of the shoot: planning, production and editing.

In post-production, you will master digital manipulation techniques to create an effective and quality image that is in accordance with the production requirements for print and web.

This is the perfect course for you if you already work as a photographer and wish to acquire fashion-related skills to specialise in this field. The training is also suitable for students who have already attended a vocational course in the field.

There is a requirement for knowledge of basic photographic techniques as well as mastery of Adobe Photoshop and Camera Raw management.

How do you bring expressiveness and emotion to your shots to establish yourself in an industry that is as fascinating as it is complex? The course is specifically designed to provide advanced training suitable for competing in today's scenario from the very beginning.

With the Fashion Photography course you enter the heart of the industry:

  • learn all the stages of the technical production process through simulations (supervised by the lecturers) that provide all the skills necessary to create a professional fashion photography portfolio.
  • You learn from the best: the tutorials are aimed at creating fashion shoots with professional photographers, allowing you to acquire the necessary experience directly.

At the end of the course you will be ready to work on a variety of professional photography sectors related to fashion and entertainment, both as a freelancer and collaborator. Furthermore, the training paves the way for collaboration with photo agencies, advertising agencies, and magazine editorial offices.


Historical knowledge, lighting techniques, practical workshops and post-production methods: the programme includes a theoretical-practical approach designed to help you become an expert in language and techniques of fashion photography.


Antonio Barrella


Course Coordinator

Marta Petrucci

Priscilla Pallante

Valentina Ilardi

Stylist, Editor in Chief and Creative Director. 

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