Visual Arts for the Digital Age – First Level Master’s Degree

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3rd edition - The Master in Visual Arts of the Digital Age brings together students with artistic, technical in the audiovisual field and humanistic profiles. The goal is to design, create and communicate contemporary art events and exhibitions having a connection with new technologies, performative arts and edutainment

Learning partners of the course are Karmachina, AUT Design Collective and Studio Azzurro studios, which are among the most respected players in the field of multimedia visual design. Each student, according to their own attitudes, personal interests and previous education, develop the ability to manage a complex project in its entirety, specializing in several roles such as Visual Artist, Visual e Interaction Designer, Art Director, Project Manager.


Title - The Master is recognized by MIUR as Academic First Level Master’s Degree and it allows to get 60 CF to continue studies in Italy or abroad.

  • Credits
  • Start date
    November 2022
  • Duration
    1 Year
  • Attendance
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Target – The Master is relevant to students with a BA degree (or equivalent qualification) in arts, humanistic disciplines and design and who are interested in performative arts, interactive installations, digital and public art.

Methodology and structure - The Master offers an educational path of experience, research and projects, combining a learning method of theoretical and technical inspiration put into practice with relevant professional experiences.

The teaching model includes:
-    Traditional learning methods with the aim to acquire cultural, methodological and relational knowledge;
-    Laboratory activities and experimental project learning, with a high level of involvement from the student, via individual and group work (workshop, exercises, case histories, simulations), led by project leaders, among the best within the local territory and industries;
-    Curricular internships held within companies or agencies relevant to the Master’s goals, or in campus with professional simulations projects.
The Master trains professionals able to put together technical skills related to video, audio and motion graphics, 3D animations and interactive design with a humanistic know-how covering topics from cinema, arts, music and sociological disciplines to the new communications trends.

Such a trained professional knows the languages and techniques of multimedia and cross-media arts and is able to analyze and interpret the latest trends in the visual arts area, visualize scenarios in a future evolution of artistic communications and develop experimental strategies and visions in line with the new media panorama and communications trends.

Facilities and Scholarships - In order to support participants in the coverage of the participation fee, IED has activated an articulated system of facilities: partial or total Scholarships on tuition fee; Early Bird are facilitations for students finalizing enrolment by given deadlines.; Financings with the possibility to pay the tuition fee by instalments thanks to agreements with mortgage companies.