What we did:

– On 9 March 2020, we activated our Smart School: the teaching activities of the Istituto switched to distance learning mode – following the traditional division between theoretical, practical or laboratory lessons with live streamed lectures and online or laboratory tutoring for projects.

– We have been publishing the IED Tips, video pills recorded in the laboratories illustrating processes, how to use equipment, providing suggestions for the creation of prototypes, with the aim of reducing the technical knowledge gap of students.

– With IED Tips we have been building the basis of the future Digital Process Library of IED, which will become an intangible asset of the school.

– We plan on implementing an integrated system of services to help senior students in degree’s and master’s courses finalise their dissertation projects. At students’ disposal: the Render Farm service to outsource the final part of the rendering work; the activation of virtual labs to connect from any personal computer to one of the machines in the IED labs or in the cloud; the possibility to borrow specific materials and equipment for the course; access to external processing services and restricted access to the labs of the school locations.

– The exams have been rescheduled to take place online, as well as the dissertation discussions.

– The regular summer session has been extended until 30 September.


What we are planning to do:

– We will adopt blended teaching: activities in the classroom and in laboratories – in full compliance with the rules and personal safety – integrated with distance learning.

– The virtual lab and Render Farm services available to students will be maintained