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10th edition - The Master course in Brand Management trains professionals able to build and manage brands in any B2B and B2C context, following a work methodology aimed at the construction of a clear and efficient brand strategy.

The history of a brand tells us about the present, past and future of an institution. To develop it and to keep it successful is the mission of every Brand Manager.

For this reason, the course chose as Teaching Partner Saatchi&Saatchi, which is among the most important companies in the field of creative communication and advertising: “We make people fall in love with the products and services of our client brands. Thanks to our innovative ideas, we transform brands in Lovemarks, generating customers’ loyalty beyond reason. We passionately believe in the power of ideas to make the difference and to motivate.”

The Master boasts also the following partners: Fondazione per la Musica per Roma – Auditorium Parco della Musica, La Via del Tè, Mercato Metropolitano, Milleocchiali.

  • Start date
    March 2020
  • Duration
    11 months
  • Attendance
  • Language

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Target - The Master in Brand Management calls for students having a BA or an equivalent academic qualification.

Structure and Methodology - The Master has a typical business-oriented approach. The teaching methodology, practical and operative, includes lectures, direct comparison with practitioners and industry experts, individual and group exercises, analysis of case histories, event organization, company visits and project work.

The teaching methodology of the cultural area introduces to the specific sector of cultural marketing, entering the fields of Media, sociology of cultural consumption, visual culture and local marketing. Students approach the evolution of the brand and marketing, competitive advantage, project and creative methodology, learning to deal with the customer. They examine also the sector of Art Direction (coordinated identity, space management and layout).
In the technical and instrumental area, lessons are designed to analyze the Project Management and the Brand Management (Personal and Corporate Branding, distribution strategies). Part of the course is dedicated to Audiovisual Production (script, direction). Classes held in the campus alternate with visits to companies’ headquarters.

On the project area, students are introduced to the Brand Analysis. They learn how to draw a brief, collect data, analyze the market, budgeting and invoices.
The organization of events (individual phases, planning, event management, press releases, public relations) has a fundamental role. As part of blogging & social networking, students learn how to plan information in Wordpress, elements of SEO and Web Analytics. They examine websites and blogs, social networks, social media management, web writing, case histories.

A week of intensive workshops on Project Management is scheduled at the beginning of the course which releases a certification ISIPM, Italian Project Management Institute.

  • Cultural Area

    • Cultural Processes

      Cultural Industry; Media History; Serialization Strategies

    • Marketing Strategy

      Marketing elements; Brand and Marketing Developments; Competitive Advantage; Project methodology and creativity

    • Brand Strategy

      Brand portfolio; Pricing strategies; Distribution strategies; Branding agreements

    • Governance Of The Processes

      Company organizational structures; The company as a process; Examples of business processes; The governance of the processes; Systems to manage the process quality; Process conformity against regulations

  • Technical - instrumental Area

    • Audio Visual Production And Product Management

      Writing elements for audio-visual products; Storyboarding elements; Direction elements; Audio-visual production elements; Elements of post-production and effects

    • Visits To Companies

    • Brand Identity

      Art Direction Elements; Statements of Expert; Copywriting Elements

    • Corporate 2.0

      Open source, networking, file sharing, voip; Web design; Planning elements

    • Events Organization

      Fair organization; Congresses and relevant ceremonial; Press Office

  • Project Area

    • Brand Analysis

      Brief; Statements of Experts; Pre-existence analysis

    • Market Analysis

    • Budgeting

    • Strategic Planning

      Relationship between Brand and Media; Integrated Communication Plan

    • Workshop 1

      usability and surfing from the blog corporate to the portal

    • Workshop 2

      Workshop: Companies, web writing and social networking

    • Workshop 3

      SEO and web analytics

    • Project Work

    • Business Continuity Management, It Governance

    • Final Step

      Discussion of the thesis.

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Vincenzo Bernabei - Course coordinator

Vincenzo Bernabei - Course coordinator
Managing consultant with specializations in branding and training. He works for Italian and British companies and universities.

Alessandra Colucci - Course coordinator

Alessandra Colucci - Course coordinator
Brand Care consultant specialized in brand management, strategic planning, digital media and audio-visual production. Personal website

Marco Arcuri

Marco Arcuri
Counselor and senior teacher with credits from the Italian Institute of Project Management, where he is also board of directors’ member.

Claudio Biondi

Claudio Biondi
Audio-visual producer and teacher of film production in different university Master courses. Author of How to produce a movie (Dino Audino Editore, Italian).

Sergio Brancato

Sergio Brancato
Teacher of Sociology of the Communication at the University of Salerno and Sociology of the Cultural Industry at the University of Naples “Federico II”. For more than twenty years he has been dealing with media, society and mass culture.

Domenico De Masi

Domenico De Masi
Art director at Queimada-Brand Care. Expert in Motion Graphics and in the creation of multimedia contents.

Enrico Giubertoni

Enrico Giubertoni
Trainer and Consultant specialized in social media marketing, community management and PPC advertising. Ambassador for HootSuite.

Mauro Milana

Mauro Milana
SEO and Content Management System Expert with Google AdWords certification.

Arianna Pirandola

Arianna Pirandola
Brand Management Junior Counselor, IED Master Brand Management’s alumna.

Raffaella Roviglioni

Raffaella Roviglioni
User Experience Designer, expert in web design, information architecture and service design.

Alessandra Thomas

Alessandra Thomas
Graduated in Humanities with a Master in European Public Relations, she began working for the public relations international agency Hill&Knowlton-Gaia as Senior Consultant for marketing and communication. In 2007 she founded C&T Communication, a network of commercial communication experts that works with national and international companies and public agencies for the development of strategies and integrated communication projects with a strong expertise in big events planning.

Samad Zarmandili

Samad Zarmandili
Indipendent Director.

Emma Marino

Emma Marino
Dubber and Voice Coach, she started her professional path as Production Assistant in the television sector for programs like Italia’s Got Talent.