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IED Barcelona is the only centre in Spain imparting the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fashion Design validated by the University of Westminster. Since 2010 it offers the opportunity to combine the studies of this prestigious university, entirely taught in English, with the IED experience in the city of Barcelona.

The BA (Hons) in Fashion Design prepares professionals with a wide technical and cultural knowledge through learning concepts from the fashion field, based on creativity and analysis of the needs of the market. Its philosophy is to develop students as individuals, to become innovative and creative designers, and challenge them to develop an aesthetic style relevant to the international fashion industry.

Professional outcomes: Fashion designer, stylist, trendsetter, fashion accessories designer, visual merchandiser, fashion communication and brand image, illustrator, consultant, pattern designer, textile designer, coolhunter, product manager, etc.

  • Credits
    360 UK credits
  • Start date
    September 2020
  • Duration
    3 years
  • Attendance
  • Language

The BA (Hons) in Fashion Design offers an academic path that allows students to create their own brand or to work for other firms. It provides the required knowledge to work in a design department or to connect with various departments in a production company.

Didactics are focused on a practical methodology of experimental projects and business simulations performed jointly with professionals in the sector. It is divided in subject modules so students can develop one project after another, not many at the same time. A more effective proceeding that allows improvement in both development of concepts and production process of each project.

The first year of the course is focused on acquiring the main competences together with a strong culture and project methodology. The development of the personal style of each student starts being motivated and specific techniques of fashion are infused: pattern making, modelling, illustration, accessories, history, etc., essentials for anyone working on the field of fashion. Traditional and modern techniques are always combined during the lessons, to face the current industry in its full extent and encourage each student to discover techniques to further the development of the own creativity.

During the second year, students widen the knowledge acquired in previous semesters, they learn advanced techniques on modelling and pattern making, illustration, specific techniques such as knitting or accessories, and develop several collections (for man and woman). Various projects stand out because of their forward-thinking on techniques and tissues.

The third year emphasizes on the improvement of practical abilities in accordance with the exigencies of the professional world. A project on styling and sustainability will be developed, among others. During the last semester students will perform their degree final project, which is their official introduction to the professional world. The year culminates in the fashion show, where the creations conceived for their final project are shown.

Duration: 3 years

Start: September 2020

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Pilar Pasamontes

Pilar Pasamontes
IED Fashion Scientific Director, Fashion historian and Vice-President of Moda FAD.

Julia Weems

Julia Weems
She started to work as a freelance stylist in New York, collaborating with such magazines as Glamour, FHM, Podivm and as well as major international celebrities and numerous video-publicity productions. In Barcelona she has continued her career in such fields as theater costume design, fashion show production and fashion designer. Currently she is the Fashion School Director at IED Barcelona.

Fabricio Pérez

Fabricio Pérez
Fabricio Pérez began likes freelance costume designer for dance companies and theater productions. Soon afterwards he set up his own enterprise, Llamazares y de Delgado, with partner Jaime Martínez.

René Zamudio

René Zamudio
He has working with directors such as Pedro Almodovar & Alex de la Iglesia as wardrobe consultant. As art installer he worked on the retrospective for “SYBILLA 20 Years is Nothing” and as exhibition designer for “Victorio & Lucchino” 25 year retrospective. Currently living between Barcelona & Berlin, he is styling in advertising and fashion.

Alexis Reyna

Alexis Reyna
Founder and Artistic Director of Alexis Reyna. Regular showcase of two womenswear Collections a year at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. He has clientele such as M.I.A, Nicola Fornichetti Studio… Award Winner of Best Collection Fall/Winter 2012 at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week and guest as International Fashion Designer at Warsaw Fashion Week.

Miriam Ponsa

Miriam Ponsa
Designer of her own fashion firm in the old factory Francesc Ponsa. Winner of the award for best autumn-winter collection 2010-2011 in 080 Barcelona Fashion Week.