Interior Design



Start date

September 2023


Full time


On campus


4 Years



Course Coordination

Jesús Arrecubieta


From €10,900 (CAV)

Develop your ability to "look at reality", observe and analyse, to design interior spaces that can meet the new needs of the modern world.

In this interior design program you’ll acquire all the necessary know-how and experience to design landscapes, private, public, ephemeral, exhibition and commercial spaces. You’ll also have the chance to develop skills you can use in conceptualisation, design evaluation and management, and to build living spaces.

This high-level program combines strategic vision, problem-solving skills, and a healthy dose of self-reflective and critical awareness.

It’s not just a technical and artistic learning experience, you’ll work on the other skills a professional interior designer needs, such as business and emotional design skills.

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Develop real and course projects. Social vocation and a marked commitment to innovation are the hallmarks of this course.

The program model is based on a collaborative strategy, with four principle concepts: learning from those who know, learning by doing, learning on demand, learning from reality.

As much as 50% of your program time will be invested in hands-on experience, because it’s much easier to understand and internalise what you create with your own efforts and your own hands. To gain this invaluable experience, teamwork is actively encouraged in contexts that emulate the type of environments you’ll be working in later as a professional interior designer.

In this 4-year degree your learning experience and work are project-based. This means every new project represents a step forward, as your involvement is essential if the project is to effectively progress.

This Bachelor of Science in Interior Design is for those who see design as a technical-creative process that can be used to improve the way we live, both today and in the future, and in particular for those who want to learn how to transform the spaces we live, work or have fun in, and make them better by design. It’s for those who want to create spaces that evoke emotions, to provide the new living experiences modern society demands.

The Bachelor of Science in Interior Design is a program based on projects, the backbone of a designer’s work; a combination of real and academic projects in collaboration with companies and institutions, under the expert supervision of professional designers working in the sector. 

What’s more you’ll be studying in Bilbao, a city that’s quickly becoming a point of reference in the field of design. 


First Semester

Technology I / Urban Sketching
Second Semester
Technology I / CAD
Technology I / 3D
Project Methodology and Process
Communication, Methodology, Productivity

Second Semester

Projects 0


Design Fundamentals Theory
Science Applied to Design
Artistic Drawing
Representation Systems
The Basics of Colour
Form and Volume
The History of Art I
Science Applied to Design
Digital Technology

What will you learn?

In the second year you’ll complete your grounding in design, but most of your studies will be in specialisations in the field of interior design. In this part of the course you’ll study specific interior design subjects ranging from theoretical and artistic to more technical topics, acquiring in-depth knowledge of the first-year subjects and exploring new areas of interior design. As the project-based course progresses, the complexity gradually increases to include both real and academic projects.

First Semester

Projects I
Colour I
Construction I
Sanitary Installations
Technology II / Descriptive Geometry
Technology II / Urban Sketching
Photography and Audiovisual Design
The History of Art II

Second Semester

Projects II
Colour III
Construction II
Electrical and Communication Installations
Aesthetics II


Technology II / Project Representation
Organisation and Marketing
The History of Interior Design
Design Culture

What will you learn?

In the third year of the course you’ll focus on gaining more in-depth specific knowledge on interior design. Technical studies are of great importance for the development of complex projects, ranging from installations and construction to technical project documentation and estimates. You can complete your course with optional subjects to create a bespoke IED Kunsthal interior design learning experience.

First Semester

Projects III
Acoustics and Lighting
Construction III
Measurements and Estimates I
Bioclimatic Design Design Regulations

Second Semester

Projects IV
Air Conditioning Systems
Construction IV
Quality Control Health and Safety
Measurements and Estimates II
Emotional Design Skills
Year Subjects      
Career Guidance
Contemporary Art and Design
Participation in activities

What will you learn?

In the fourth year of the course you’ll complete your studies in the speciality, developing project themes such as hybrid spaces, technology applied to design, and the design of ephemeral and outdoor spaces. This 4th year brings your studies on the technical aspects of projects to a conclusion. Your final project and work experience with companies specialised in interior design form the backbone of the second semester of the fourth year.

First Semester

Scenic and Event Design I
Scenic and Event design II Landscaping
Site Management and Control
Virtual Modelling BIM
Project and Documentation
Technology and Design
Final Project / Introduction

Elective Courses

Final Project
Work Experience


Jesús	Arrecubieta | © IED Kunsthal © Pablo Axpe

Jesús Arrecubieta

Course Coordinator

Alejandro González



Fermín Hualde


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Iñigo Salaburu


Eduardo Piédrola


Gaizka	Zuazo | © IED Kunsthal © Pablo Axpe

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Jaime De los Ríos


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