Start date

September 2022


Full time


On campus


4 Years



The Undergraduate Degree in Interior Design covers a wide range of project types: housing, retail, tourism, services, transport, work spaces, exhibition design, ephemeral installations, scenography and furniture design.

All of the above incorporating the latest technological resources, such as virtual reality, computer graphics and interaction through the Fab Lab space, an IED Madrid space where students prototype and bring their designs to life with all the machines they have at their disposal (3D printers, laser printers, etc).

Our programme is committed to a direct relationship with the real market by means of collaboration projects with companies and competitions. Furthermore, the training is complemented by parallel activities such as exhibitions and lectures, international workshops, participation in European design festivals, etc., aimed at providing our students with the best possible portfolio.

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This programme aims to train professionals in the world of Interior Design who are able to undertake interior design projects that meet the needs of spaces and furniture adapted to today’s reality.

Our professionals are designers with a strategic vision that enables them to understand the spaces and their elements in relation to the people who inhabit or make use of them.

Professional Opportunities

  • Design of interior, residential and commercial spaces; public and private.
  • Design of furniture, textiles, decorative objects, coatings and surfaces.
  • Design of window displays, visual merchandising and scenography.
  • Design of ephemeral spaces, artistic facilities, exhibitions and stands.
  • Design of spaces and virtual experiences.
  • Multidisciplinary studios in the design of spaces.
  • Definition and application of concepts, technical development and management of interior design projects.

IED Madrid has a proprietary and unique official programme in Interior Design which offers two paths of training specialisation - Interior Design and Furniture and Decoration Design (Home Design) - and which brings together all of the IED Group’s experience in design training. This is the letter of introduction of IED designers at international level.

Our training is characterised by the use of an essentially practical methodology, which goes through all the stages of an interior design project, from the strategic approach of the project to the selection of textiles and surface finishes, from the drawing of plans up to communication through virtual reality and the building of mock-ups. For this purpose, we have all the necessary resources for self-production, whether physical, digital or technological.

Furthermore, the structure of the academic plan allows the contents and strategic fields for the projects to be renewed and updated according to the current reality and market trends.


Lourdes Treviño Quiroz


Daniel García


Esther Mengual Miret


Niko Barrena


Ana Arnáiz Bernaldo de Quirós


Alexander Calderón