Start date

November 2024






7 Months

Course Coordination

Francesco Giuliani


3.500 €

Take your graphics to the next level: enhance your artistic vision and technical skills in order to develop designs that are instantly recognisable

Thanks to the skills acquired during the course, you will be able to translate ideas and messages into images and graphics that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. 

Topics covered during the lessons include theory and methodology of graphic design on a geometric, perceptual, semiotic, and expressive level, as well as understanding of typefaces so as to know how to choose and use them effectively.

Additionally, you will study the theory and psychology of colour to gain an understanding of its effects on the sensory system. You will discover guidelines for selecting images and managing graphics in space, in order to convey your message in the best way possible.

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The projects covered will have both a paper and digital output.

The course offers a highly engaging training approach. Every theoretical notion is put into practice and implemented through exercises.

The training is based on the interaction between method and technique. It also involves the integration of graphics and computer science knowledge. This concept is realised both in printed form and as an interactive digital publication.

You will learn how to professionally use graphic software in order to design a logo, a brand's corporate image, and advertising campaigns in order to promote products.

To gain an understanding of the production workflow as well as the entire manufacturing process - from pre-press through finishing - an outside visit to a print shop will be conducted.

If you have experience in the graphics industry and wish to enhance your career, this course is for you. This training allows you to complete and optimise your education, as well as create an individual portfolio, which is helpful in presenting yourself to potential employers.

There is no shortage of job opportunities for Graphic Designers who are capable and willing. This is a profession that is in high demand (both on a freelance basis and as an employee) in communication agencies, publishing houses, and a wide range of businesses.

As a result of this course, you will achieve a new level of seniority by gaining an understanding of corporate identity and the creation of a visual identity manual. You will become an expert in image processing for different types of printed and digital graphic products (web, video, etc.). Retouching, cropping and photomontage techniques for traditional and social advertising campaigns will no longer be a mystery to you.

You will also learn how to design and develop layouts for editorial print production (books, magazines, brochures, leaflets, etc.) and their implementation in an interactive format.

Thus, the course is designed to be an investment in your career and provide you with the tools needed to become a highly qualified professional.


The programme covers a wide range of topics from cultural concepts (graphic design, typefaces and colour use) to Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Adobe Acrobat. The course is completed with hands-on workshops, a visit to print shops, and pre-press centres.


Francesco Giuliani

Art Director

Roberto Frusteri

Barbara Brocchi

Art Director, Illustrator

Lorenzo Morelli

Art director - Graphic designer - Illustrator

Federico Baldassarre

Communication Designer