The cradle of design and industry.


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At the heart of a metropolitan area that bears comparison with London and New York, Milan is for the whole world a synonym for art, industry, finance, design and fashion.

Artists of the calibre of Leonardo and Bramante worked in Milan, and four centuries later, Marinetti and Boccioni, founders of the Futurist Movement.

More recently, celebrated architects and designers, such as the Castiglioni brothers, Magistretti and Zanuso, and fashion designers
like Armani and Versace, to name just a few, made Milan the world centre of fashion and design.

Art, science, industry and finance are the cultures at the root of this city pragmatism and of its creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

It is no coincidence that our school was born in Milan, drawing the inspiration for its teaching methods from the know-how, the thinking and the innovation so typical of Milan hinterland and its history.

Designing both goods and services for industry and with industry is the vocation of IED Milan, where design in all its ramifications is taught and practised.

The founder and President of IED - Istituto Europeo di Design passed away last night

“I would like to pass on an IED that places at the heart of its reflections the students. The students who are the true driving force of our work. Young talents to support while they navigate within a galaxy of opportunities, not only within their local communities but in the whole world”
OCTOBER, 26TH 2017

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Material Connexion Italia organized a training session led by James Burchill, PhD candidate at Brunel University London – HCDI, to bring LTM materials to IED Milan Master students.

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Product Design

Undergraduate Courses

The Product Designer is concerned with the creation and design of products for industry. This professional is capable of initiating the process of innovation in all of its facets: creative, esthetic, social and technological.


Design - 1st level Master degree

Master Courses

The Academic Master in Design aims to train a new generation of designers who are ready to question every element of design, be it through market analysis, analysis of consumer needs, or the consideration of possible future scenarios.


Fashion Stylist

Undergraduate Courses

Developing creative talents must be the first step in becoming a specialist in the Fashion field, strengthening one’s project development and technical skills in order to have a complete understanding of the economic environment and be capable of continually monitoring the market.