Fashion Styling

Summer and Winter Courses - Madrid

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Immerse yourself trend analysis and the creation of styling applied to people and to brands.


  • Start date
    July 2021
  • Duration
    3 Weeks
  • Attendance
  • Language

1. Provide information about the professional opportunities for fashion styling
2. Provide knowledge about trend analysis methods
3. Train students so that, after analysing the season’s trend, they know how to apply them to the field: reports, brands or people
4. Explain to students the different techniques within fashion styling
5. Train students to carry out consulting within a brand
6. Acquire notions of fashion styling for theatre, cinema and television, acquiring knowledge about costumes 
Professional Opportunities
1. Styling in digital and paper media
2. Consulting in designing collections in different fashion brands
3. Styling in advertising
4. Styling in television
5. Designing the image of fashion designers or brands
6. Fashion and beauty advertising
7. Personal Shopper
8. Film and theatre costumes