Transportation e Car Designers: what do they do, and how to become one

Who are they and what do they do?

Transportation Designers are professionals specialising in designing innovative, functional and aesthetically appealing vehicles and transportation means.

Their goal is to design vehicles, from cars to motorcycles, trains to aeroplanes, with quality design, taking into account not only the technical aspects but also the psychological and social influences related to the concept of transportation.

A number of factors are taken into account when designing a vehicle, including aesthetics, technical performance, energy efficiency, safety, and user experience.

Role and responsibilities

The role of the Transportation Designers involves participating in all  the stages of vehicle design, skillfully navigating through material research, digital modelling techniques, and graphic design.

A challenge facing Transportation Designers is balancing the human and social need for constant movement with the need to protect the environment while making the travel experience enjoyable for the user. Their responsibility is therefore, multidisciplinary involving artistic, technical, and ecological skills.

Transportation Designers must be creative and innovative, proposing up-to-date solutions that can meet market needs and considering industry trends and user needs.

Additionally, Transportation Designers are responsible for ensuring that the project complies with local and environmental regulations to preserve citizens' quality of life and protect the atmosphere from environmental pollution.

Career and salary

Transportation Designers can be employed by car manufacturers, collaborate with design companies specialising in transport, or work independently as freelancers. Salary varies based on professional experience and area of specialisation, but work in this field is generally well-paid.

Training as a Transportation Designer leads to a wide range of opportunities. However, specialising in a specific field allows skills to be perfected in a targeted direction.

IED offers several training courses at the end of which you can find employment in specific fields of work including:

Car Design

Car Designers are professionals specialising in automotive design responsible for coordinating the entire life cycle of an automotive project, from ideation to creating detailed 3D renderings and scale model production. Ensuring functionality, ergonomics, and efficiency of every aspect of the vehicle contributes to defining the overall driving experience and meeting the needs of an ever-evolving market.

Yacht Design

Yacht Designers are professionals in naval architecture, shipbuilding, and marine systems. They are responsible for designing the hull of the vessel, the distribution of  interior spaces, and the choice of materials to be used.

Having this specialisation is an opportunity to explore one of the driving sectors of Made in Italy production. Moreover, the work of a Yacht Designers is well paid because it requires specialised skills and takes place in a niche sector characterised by high demand for work and limited supply.


Skills and training

Transportation Designers must have a number of fundamental technical skills to do the job effectively.

Some of these skills include the following:

-          Drawing and illustration: strong proficiency in freehand drawing and graphic design
-          3D modelling: the ability to create digital three-dimensional models using software such as Rhinoceros or Alias.
-          Rendering and visualisation: create photorealistic renderings through using software such as KeyShot or V-Ray
-          Knowledge of materials and technologies, including bodywork materials, propulsion technologies and advanced safety systems.
-          Understanding of ergonomics and usability: designing comfortable and efficient interiors, considering the end user’s needs
-          Knowledge of norms and regulations

To succeed in this profession, Transportation Designers must possess a variety of skills, including technical skills, creativity, market knowledge, and the ability to communicate effectively with other team members.

How to become a Transportation and Car Designer

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