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Vehicles become art thanks to the Transportation Designer, who has a deep understanding of society and translates into art the social and psychological mechanisms related to the concept of transportation. This professional figure works at innovative and sustainable projects, blending new materials and ergonomics. Transportation Designers are constantly looking for the best distribution of lines and surfaces, keeping also in mind the material aspects of the projects, like corporate identity, and transforming a vehicle into a quality design object ready to gain its own market share.

transportation designer


Thesis Project in collaboration with Lamborghini for 2028 cars.
Gandini’s revolution is the name of the brief which was launched by the company: as Marcello Gandini changed our way to think about car in the Sixties thanks to his models, our students were asked to design a new model meant to be a turning point on style and functionality.
Tempesta is the response by Elizabeth Kozlova, Riccardo Miletto, Matteo Prola and Dumitru Topada: a single-seater car consisting of two shells (one upper and one lower) with a special focus on aerodynamics.

IED Alumni: Vasiliy Kurkov


Vasiliy Kurkov, from Russia, arrived at IED Torino to study Transportation Design after having studied Industrial Design in his home Country and an internship at General Motors in Germany. He started with the Undergraduate course, that gave him the chance to intern at Mercedes-Benz, in Germany again. Then he came back to Turin to complete his education with the Master course in Transportation Design. While studying, Vasiliy started working already for I.DE.A Institute, a design studio in Turin. Later he moved to Centro Stile Alfa Romeo in Turin as Interior Designer. After having spent several years there, he moved to Munich, where he is currently working as Senior Exterior Designer for NIO, a design studio of a Chinese-American start-up.

Read the full interview and discover his projects.

IED Alumni: Marco Toscano

Proxima Centauri is a recurring name in astronomic geography, because it indicates the closest star to the sun that is used as unit of measurement. For Marco Toscano, former student at IED Torino graduated in Transportation Design, this name has gained a personal meaning and became the title of his portfolio. In fact, this expression describes his own life philosophy: always seek an extraordinary point, maybe not so far but unreachable and utopic. The Final Project developed by Marco Toscano at the end of his undergraduate studies, an interior design proposal for a car between avant-garde and alchemy, remained in the history. It has been realised in collaboration with Dalmier Mercedes Advanced Design Center in Como, and the company was so impressed by Marco’s work that offered him an internship. Now Marco is working at Pininfarina, where he is furtherly growing his talent as Designer.


The thesis project of the IED Turin three-year course in Transportation Design - Car Design, a.y.2010/11, consisted in the participation in the Ferrari World Design Contest, launched by the marque of the Prancing Horse in cooperation with the Autodesk technical partner. Entrants included more than fifty design schools and universities from all over the world who forwarded more than 200 projects to the Maranello Design Centre.
The finalist projects from IED Turin in Ferrari World Deign Contest 2011 were: - Ferrari 540 Pegaso, by Giuseppe Ceccio, Giacomo Pierin, Matteo Politano; - Ferrari Xezri, by Samir Sadikhov; - Ferrari Ethesian, by Alessandro Nardolillo.

The Last Mile Vehicle with BMW Motorrad

BMW aske students to imagine a vehicle with two or three wheels meant for urban movements, suitable for connectivity services and sharing mobility, with a zero-impact engine and featuring a driving experience similar to the traditional models of the brand. Take a look to the solutions developed by IED Torino!

Lancia Riva

Lancia Riva project comes from the collaboration between two brands that made the history of Italian design in automotive and navigation, respectively. Both brands are characterised by a sporty identity that combines with elegance and the highest attention for details. The vehicle incorporates the latest technology and precious  materials, such as wood, leather, and metals. The shapes take inspiration from the world of navigation and the interior part presents a big interactive tunnel allowing passengers to interact with the outside through the wifi, while the driver gets the full control of the car. This project has been designed by Andrea Bruno, Transportation Design student at IED Torino.


Istituto Europeo di Design presents the concept car created by the students of the Master in Transportation Designin collaboration with the Hyundai Design Center Europe. PassoCorto is a 2 seater rear engine sports car, powered by the a 4 cylinder bi-turbo engine (1600 cc) with 270 CV. The concept car is targeted at young customers. The students of the Master course acted as real designers in the automotive field and potential buyers of their own project. The Master in Transportation Design offered by the Istituto Europeo di Design sets itself up as an incubator for tomorrow’s professionals and, thanks to an ongoing relationship with Companies closely involved in this sector, it intends to contribute to the creation of very sought after and highly specialised professionals.

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Transportation Design

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Transportation Design

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Interview with Cesar Pieri - Jaguar

“What pushed you to take the road of the automotive design profession?” Cesar Pieri, Creative Design Manager at Jaguar Advanced Design, meets Transportation Design Students at IED Torino.


augmented reality workshop

Watch the video of the Transportation Design Augmented Reality workshop held during the exhibition organised in occasion of IED 50th anniversary, at the Triennale di Milano. A stimulating and inspiring world of technological experimentation for future designers.