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Marketing and communication can’t be considered as areas of expertise exclusively connected to sales and advertising but must be integrated in a wider scenario, that take into consideration on the one hand the audience of potential clients, and on the other one the social and economic context in which companies operates and find their own market positions.

In order to respond to market requirements and the expectations of the students, the Master course in Marketing and Communication shall address agency and company communication environments in order to show where these two areas overlap and should operate together developing joint forms of interaction. Students have the chance to discuss these issues directly by examining case histories and through the direct first-hand experience of active professionals.

Career opportunities - The Master trains professionals who can operate in strategic and operational marketing, in communication offices or agencies as Product Managers and Accounts.

  • Start date
    November 2017
  • Duration
    11 months
  • Attendance
  • Language

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Target - The Master in Marketing and Communication course is designed for graduates who are taking their first steps in the profession and for professionals who are already working in the field, with the aim of transferring competence and tools to them that will make them effective and capable to providing innovation within companies and agencies.

Methodology and structure - The teaching structure is based on a symbiotic relationship between theory and practice which will enable the participants to develop a high degree of competence and a very practical and operational level thanks to simulations and exercises carried out on case histories.

The courses are hold by a team of teachers who take turns in the analysis of the major themes establishing direct contact with the work place enabling students to have the most updated information in order to ensure that their knowledge is extremely competitive.

  • Syllabus

    • Communication and Marketing Design

      The course is dedicated to designing communication and marketing, facing the disciplines of communication design, marketing 3.0, making meaning, strategic planning and business model generation. From idea to design, from the visual thought to the prototype, from creativity to a business model canvas: all the themes are approached with a multidisciplinary method to create value through the positive relation among people, things and organizations.

    • Strategic and Operational Marketing

      It is a basic module starting from strategic as key to develop any kind of business. There are analyzed the different methods that can be applied to a commercial activity, deepening the tools that lead different paths. Moreover students will deepen the key elements of strategy such as targeting, the placement and quality replacement, the competitive benefit and the polarised market. The course of operational market shows the practical execution of theory, by analysing the marketing mix leverage and the relation between marketing and other departments.

    • Communication and Creativity

      The module offers a vision of business communication in relation to the target as active feature of a talk. Comumnication activities - meant at first s strategy and later as specific actions - are put into practice thanks to an active user who build up the content, creating a more and more informed society. Among the disciplines there are: branding, copy strategy, user experience, storytelling, emotional design, interaction design, social media.

    • Web Marketing

      The course deal with web marketing: from the most innovative search engine marketing softwares to social media marketing, search engine optimization and the websites indexing inside search engines. Alongside this there are faced themes such as data analysis, achieving objectives and measuring the converions. Among the disciplines there are: digital marketing, digital media planning, digital content strategy.

    • Public Relations

      The course is aimed at showing and providing theories, techniques and tools useful to strategic planning, communication activities and public relations aiming at informing, making aware and involving all the enterprise audiences.
      The course is structured into modules closely connected: corporate communication, public relations, lobbying and public affair, media relation, event management.

    • Design and Presentation Techniques

      The course includes 2 practice exercises calling for a brief demanded by a real cient. Students can therefore apply what they learnt in class, dealing with a real customer - under the supervision of a professor - in a real professional context.  Moreover students face the fundamental processes necessary to present the Final Project to the client - from public speaking, to managing an event, multimedia tools. Among the themes: team building, personal branding, presentation models.

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Alessandro Bertin - Course Coordinator

Alessandro Bertin - Course Coordinator
Co-founder and AD of Spin-To-Srl, agency active in the application of communication and media relations strategies to the fields of innovation, creativity and design. Former National and international Press Office Manager for the Organizing Committee of Torino 2008 World Design Capital; former Senior Account, Business Partner and Board Member for the agency RP Valentina Communication, dealing with event management and media relations.

Marco Cassinera - Course Coordinator

Marco Cassinera - Course Coordinator
He has been working for more than 30 years in the strategic and the creative communication for companies, agencies, institutions and as entrepreneur. Teacher at IED since 1997, he deals with several subjects. In charge of Marketing and Communication masters planning for years, in the last 10 years he’s been Creative Director in WebWorking, digital integrated communication agency. He’s now Communication Designer and Founding partner of AD2014, innovative startup active in the Internet of things scenario.

Livio MIlanesio

Livio MIlanesio
Strategy and Storytelling Director at Domino, he’s a counselor and teacher at IED and Scuola Holden. Narrative author and collaborator at several mastheads, he’s got a miscellaneous professional background in the communication area: digital design, narrative, theater.

Fabrizio Vignati

Fabrizio Vignati
He has been engaged in public and institutional relations for over 15 years, with the focus of media relations in the financial, crisis management, events organization and internal communication areas. He worked either for big companies and consultancy agencies and today he runs his own agency. He holds lectures and seminaries about financial communication, he’s a Ferpi partner and publicist. He has always loved writing and up to now he already published a novel and an essay.

Ruben Abbattista

Ruben Abbattista
Entrepreneur in the business communication area, he’s President at Spin-To Srl, communication agency focused on design, creativity and innovation. Co-holder of Alisei Comunicazione, he’s now Past President of the Industrial Design Association, Western Delegation. He has been dealing both with communication strategies about social and cultural issues and institutional communication for companies and public authorities for more than 20 years.