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The course in Fotografia is a photography course that has as its objective, the formation of a professional who will be capable of working in the fields of visual communications: the photographer in fact, thanks to his design capabilities, creative talents, technical abilities and his particular esthetic sensibilities, must be able to use the photographic image in all of its various aspects in order to communicate in a visual form concepts and complex messages. It is required therefore that the professional photographer be skilled not only technically, but also in semantics and esthetics.

Professional Profile: Artographer, Specialist in photographic editing, manager of photographic archives, art buyer, studio manager.

Title - The First Level Academic Diploma is recognized by MIUR (Ministry for Education, University and Research) and equated with the Bachelor’s Degree issued by Universities.

  • Credits
  • Start date
    October 2022
  • Duration
    3 years
  • Attendance
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Get an insight into the creative professions: Photographer

The Three year IED course in Photography teaches how to see and communicate through an image, a story, a thought, or an emotion. The necessary skills are sensibility- human and esthetic, good knowledge of humanistic culture and art, and a deep knowledge of the materials, the technology and the processes of photography.

The path of study in Photography is divided into six semesters, for a total period of three years, each one with specific objectives.

The first year is dedicated to the introduction to photography, or better, to the understanding of the basics, with reference to the cultural elements mainly in visual communication, to the instruments and rules which distinguish and characterize a particular project, helping the student to fully understand the principle steps involved in the operative processes. Due to the high value placed on creative and design skills as compared to the techniques used, the cultural background and insights into the dialogue used to understand the art are concentrated in this first year of study.

The second year of the course of Photography concentrates on helping with actual methods and project design: the technical skills and actual experience are combined with the equally important role in terms of time dedicated, to the cultural and project skills required. The student gains knowledge and competence in the specific professional skills needed through a hands-on approach, the study of the technical aspects, different cultural characteristics, with particular emphasis on the evolution of the surroundings, the market, and the language used.

The third year of the course is dedicated to an advanced design project in a professional setting, gaining experience in actual project design themes which the visual communication professional must confront. The thesis project for the course of Photography is both complex and detailed, based on the realization of a project, even as regards only a specific area, but which follows the specific interests of the individual student. It is requested therefore, that the student work on a project, defined by the candidate according to his personal interests in any one particular field of photography.

The course is recognized by MIUR as an Academic Diploma Level I