Foundation in Tailoring

One year courses - Madrid

Learn the artisanal techniques of traditional tailoring and discover the new methodology of the most commercial tailoring.

Our One Year Course in Tailoring is a private qualification which offers comprehensive training leading to technical knowledge: from the most classic aspect of tailoring to a more commercial vision. During one academic year and on the basis of a theoretical and practical programme, students learn about the craft and sewing techniques that are the basis of traditional tailoring. Also, they will learn about the industrial transformation experienced by the profession.

In this course, students will have access to sewing, pattern-making and computer-aided classrooms. As a complement, the centre offers a digital layout classroom and a photography studio to enrich their training.

We have a faculty made up of professionals in the sector, workshop leaders, technicians and specific theoreticians. Once they have completed their studies, students will be able to work in traditional tailoring studios and at retail companies which require these kinds of skills.

  • Start date
    October 2018
  • Duration
    1 year
  • Attendance
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More information

The academic proposal of the One Year Course in Tailoring is adapted to new professional demands. For this reason, the course is divided into three main areas:

  • Bespoke, custom and handmade. Within this area, the student will learn everything needed to make the journey, from beginning to end, of a garment made to measure for a customer: taking measurements, cutting, handcrafting with different kinds of quilting and basting, testing and altering to fit the customer.
  • Industry. Here, the student will learn about the industrial processes in this sector: digitalisation of patterns, industrial cutting, manufacturing processes, specific machinery, sizing and scaling.
  • Global context. In this section, the student will get to know fabrics fairs, salons and showrooms in the sector. Students will analyse communication strategies and new sales channels that are transforming the market, and we will examine the luxury market aimed at male customers.