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The Official Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design, equivalent to a University Degree trains students in the process of the fashion system: identity and trade mark, design and manufacturing of collection, communication strategies, distribution and production.

Students learn to use the conceptual, methodological and project tools necessary for the design and development of collections in different sectors: male and female Prêt-à-porter, children’s, sportswear, lingerie, swimsuits, etc.

Professional opportunities: Fashion designer. Design assistant. Illustrator. Cool Hunter. Prototype manager. Product manager. Production manager, Stylist, Fashion Communication Mananger.

With its mixed format, this degree will allow all students to learn, participate and be part of the IED community in person, in physical and virtual classrooms, and remotely.

  • Credits
  • Start date
    September 2020
  • Duration
    4 years
  • Attendance
  • Language

The international standpoint of the career, the direct knowledge of the sector and the technical training turn students into high qualified professionals of the design. In the creative projects the concept of fashion identity is considered from different perspectives: the creation of a brand, the design of a collection in collaboration with a company, the manufacturing of a wardrobe or the development of different lines of collection under a same brand philosophy.

The Official Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design offers also a wide optional area with workshops and competitions specialized in the collection design. 

The training in all the Official Undergraduate Degrees in Fashion Design of the IED Madrid has an international focus. Student chooses the language (Spanish or English) of his classes during the first year in any Official Undergraduate Degree in Fashion Design. If he chooses English, the program includes classes of Spanish, and vice versa. The three following years are taught in both languages for all of students with subjects in Spanish and English.

Remember that to study an Official Undergraduate Degree in Design it is not necessary to pass the University Entrance Exam (PAU), but only our admission tests.

The academics of the first year of the Degree in Fashion Design focus on the acquisition of basic design knowledge (color, drawing), culture (the history of art and design) and project methodology, all of which are essential in establishing the foundations of a competent professional capable of working in any of the different fields of design.

The second year’s academics probe further into the technical, cultural and project knowledge essential for students to begin focusing on a specialization of their choice.

The academics of the third and fourth years focus on students’ specializations as creative fashion professionals who are capable of working in all phases of industrial production and product commercialization, with a solid cultural base and profound technical knowledge of natural, artificial, synthetic and technological fibers, as well as textile production processes. The fourth year culminates in a final degree project, which is a reflection of the students’ training, and a professional job application letter.

This program has been recognized by the Autonomous Government of Madrid and the Spanish National Government as an official Degree in Fashion Design.