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Master - Milan

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Social tools and digital PR are more and more involved in marketing and communication strategies, indeed they call for specific skills. That’s why professionals able to deal with such a wide, ever-changing context are more and more demanded.

After an intensive path of 7 months in class - plus 3 of internship - participants enter the job market of social media, in companies or agencies. Moreover they face different themes connected to digital and its networking features towards customers, partners and influencers.

Professional opportunities - The Master provides a highly qualifying know–how as: Social Media Manager, Social Media Specialist, Community Manager, Digital PR Manager, Digital Consultant, Digital Content Strategist.


  • Start date
    November 2017
  • Duration
    10 Months
  • Attendance
  • Language

Target - Graduates in artistic or humanistic fields, either technical or economical; professionals with at least 2 years of experience in the sector.    
Methodology and structure - social media are the key factor in marketing, a radical change in balancing the communication between companies and consumers. As in the past companies used to transmit a message through traditional media and consumers  used to respond buying those products, contemporary scenario sees consumers involved in a relation with companies, able to talk to them and about them. Consequently the social – generally speaking the digital world – has become central, for companies, in supporting this fruitful exchange.         
The Master trains professionals able to interpret a brand identity, create and manage a proper strategy. Graduates identify and coordinate different kind of professional profiles, keeping a focus on social media and digital PR

Didactics is split into 3 areas:

Technical and tools area - basic knowledge, either of theory or technical use of tools.
Planning area - strategic reasoning on digital - meant either as wide concept or focused on social media and digital PR. The theme of a performance evaluation is the completion of this area.

Methodological area - specific skills on each tool; ability to produce, manage, handle contents on different platforms; create an editorial plan and a publication schedule, use planning tools, getting familiar with web and mobile app.

Participants are involved in 2 projects - based on real briefing from companies - and in a final project of personal branding.


  • Methodological Area

    • Presentation Tools

      A basic, essential knowledge (Power Point, Excel) to start a professional path in the sector.

    • Optimization Tools for Images and Video

      Social media use different languages, among them images and videos are fundamental. It is important handle contents in these formats through a dedicated approach.

    • Infographics, Visual Sketching, Visual Facilitation

      Telling through images, make data easy to be understood, representing in a clear and immediate way: in a field where dominates la velocità di comprensione, it’s important the knowledge of some representation and synthesis techniques.

    • Theories of Communication

      Social cannot be done without a proper digital culture and back. The basis of communication are demanded to identify, analyze, understand and design an effective, not offhand, social personality.

    • Storytelling

      Narration is the key to reach audience and convey a specific message. Storytelling represents an art but also a technique, whose principles are applied in different contests.

    • Writing for the Web

      A teaching to re-learn how to write using criteria of clarity, readability, usability typical of the web.

  • Technical and Tools Area

    • Digital Strategy

      Designing the digital identity of a brand is the biggest challenge for a web  professional. You need to think in a strategic way, carrying dedicated information and tools to be effective on the web. This teaching aims at conveying a methodology to bring online a brand, from the evaluation of internal resources to the strategy.

    • Social Media Strategy

      Social media strategy features a social media manager. This teaching defines the social impact that brand that follows a detailed knowledge of the target audience up to the content strategy.

    • Design Digital PR

      Which are the differences between offline and online PR? How can we identify the influencers? How can we  build a connection between a brand and the influencers? This teaching offers these and other answers.

    • Analytics and Web Monitoring

      Everything can be measured on the web. This advantage must be properly used to help a brand in growing and getting the expected results. To measure you need to know the tools, properly use them and the solutions they can offer.

  • Planning Area

    • Social Tools

      Main social platforms, way of use, goals: learn to use them in a creative and innovative way and exploit their features to reach the goals of a specific brand.

    • Mobile App

      What’s the difference for the user between desktop and mobile use? Which are fundamental principles of the user experience? App world represents a variegated universe, meant to get bigger.

    • Content Strategy

      Content strategy is the step transforming strategy in something real, so real that cannot be made of contents. Defining topics and semiosphere, articulating them according to different contests, identify and design a storytelling are the main arguments of this teaching.

    • Design a Conversation

      “MArkets are conversations” it’s the first thesis of Cluetrain Manifesto. Social media are the channels such conversation goes through and digital PR are the facilitators. A proper conversation must be thought with a specific goal and rules since the beginning.

    • Communicate with Influencers

      Identify the influencers, involve them with a goal, build a relation. This teaching offers an overview on digital PR activities.

    • SEO/SEM

      No one better than a SEO professional knows that to hide something you need to put it in the second page of Google results, this is exactly a professional doesn’t do. A proper placement on search engines makes the difference between a brand or a success story and an unknown one.

    • Digital Marketing

      To effectively promote a brand online you need a solid strategy, good contents, presenza social presence and a network of influencers, a proper marketing supporting a brand in all its steps.

    • Email Marketing

      Email marketing represents one of the most effective digital marketing strategy, so that it deserves its own chapter. From building a mailing list, to designing the best contents.

    • Editorial Plan

      What it is, how you build it, how can you distinguish it from a document of strategy and a calendar. A living tool constantly changing and representing the most effective element to professionally manage the contents of a brand.

    • Community Management

      A profession that over time has widened its areas of competences. This teaching deals with all topics concerning a Community Manager’s functions, featuring skills and activities.

  • Transversal Teachings

    • Design Thinking Days

      Creative workshops to experiment the educational method based on Design Thinking with an innovative approach to solve problems and create innovative solutions centered on user needs (human-centered design). This method is globally recognized as one of the most useful to support innovation.

    • Creative Week

      Meetings and discussions with eminent professionals coming from creativity, innovation and communication to start thinking out of the box and develop lateral thinking mindsets.

    • Design Week

      A full immersion in the Design Week to live a real experience with design: a tour led by young designers to deepen history of design, discover the latest trends and participate in the most interesting events. A great time to experience communicative strategies of the most renowned brands, and develop a research project connected to your own educational path.

    • Job Tools

      Meeting experts of coaching, counseling and personal branding dedicated to the job - new scenarios, trends and skills demanded by market – to provide each student that tools to design their own visual cv and creative portfolio.

    • International Market Day

      Meetings with experts and players of international market, speeches of di presentation of foreign markets, an overview on job and business opportunities in rising countries.

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Giuliana Laurita - Course Coordinator

Giuliana Laurita - Course Coordinator
Digital Strategist, Researcher, digital and social counselor. Author of “Digital Strategy” together with Roberto Venturini, published by Hoepli in 2014. Starting  from 1997 she has been leading online some of the most eminent Italian companies such as cui Barilla, Alfa Romeo, Corriere della Sera. In 2007 she founded the first Italian observation deck on Social Media.

Marco Massarotto - Scientific Coordinator

Marco Massarotto - Scientific Coordinator
Renowned opinion leader and manager on social media and digital communication. Founder of DOING, digital communication agency, leader in Italy, he’s also member  of several associations in the sector. Tourism Ambassador of Kyoto, founder and president of La Via del Sake, a non-profit dedicated to cultural exchange between Italy and Japan Giappone, mastermind of Milano Sake Festival, the yearly event dedicated to sake and Japanese food.

Annamaria Anelli

Annamaria Anelli
She collaborates with companies and public administrations as Business Writer, E-learning Instructional Designer, Trainer on effective writing techniques. She manages courses of “guided writing” helping privates to design new projects. She teaches creative writing, storytelling and content strategy within Digital Update training project creative writing. She handle her own blog.

Gabriele Caeti

Gabriele Caeti
Creative Director for We Are Social. When he was just a guy he realized his strong creativity as well as his passion for a strategic approach. He moved from Palermo to Milan to attend a master in copywriting. Immediately after he started working for TBWA and later for Young And Rubicam, and for We Are Social where he’s currently in charge of the creative department, managing strategy and creativity.

Simonetta De Brumatti

Simonetta De Brumatti
She started in 1994 as screenwriter for a 3D interactive videogame. From 1997 she’s been managing branding and corporate web communication and digital advertising campaigns. In 2005 she was entitled Creative Director for DMC-Gruppo Fullsix. She currently manages digital customer experience for smartphone, tablet and PC in Neosperience Spa following, among other clients Flexform, Prada, Mattel, la Rinascente, Kiko.

Fabio Scafoletti

Fabio Scafoletti
In 1998 è co-founded Olos Interactive, where she currently handles counseling and training activities. She focuses on digital marketing planning and search engines - sponsored and natural positioning - and is Google Partner. She deals with themes connected to sustainability and is member of the international network  for social innovation - Impact Hub. She worked as Professor for Palo Alto School, Jobmaster, Logotel, Fidia and Connor Management Training.

Sara Serravalle

Sara Serravalle
She dealt with processes and participated planning, then moved to visual: sketchnoting, graphic recording, jam session for problem solving or codesign, visual coaching especially visual storytelling, illustration and visual facilitation. Together with Monica Diari she took care of synthesis images for Generazione 2.0 book, Franco Angeli Editore and the visual presentation for the book Due gradi e mezzo di separazione, Sperling & Kupfer.

Paola Guarneri

Paola Guarneri
Digital Strategist in Social@Ogilvy, business unit of Ogilvy&Mather Advertising dedicated to social media marketing: from CRM to business solutions, going through  customer care, web reputation, analytics and integrated strategies. In the latest 3 years she followed national and international clients such as Bulgari, Timberland, Wind, Ferrero, LG, Philips, Pfizer.

Barbara Boasso

Barbara Boasso
From 2011 she manages strategies of digital communication and content&community management for DOING. Previously Web Content Editor for Condé Nast, she gained a great experience at international press office Mondo Moda. She deepened her interest for trend watching thanks to a workshop in Cool Hunting at Central Saint Martins in London. Her curiosity towards digital phenomena and online trends are the heart of her job.

Silvia Rezzonico

Silvia Rezzonico
Co-Founder and Marketing Manager for, a website offering discount codes for online shopping. Thanks to her double Degree in Economics and Management for Innovation in Bocconi and Copenhagen Business School she started her career in Denmark within a counseling society, she moved back in Italy in 2012. Passionate for digital marketing, she loves “measuring” everything on Excel.

Francesco Ungaro

Francesco Ungaro
Freelance-consultant. He started his professional path in JWT, Publicis, FutureBrand.

Roberto Chieppa

Roberto Chieppa
Head of Marketing for Fastweb. Former Marketing and e-commerce Director at OVS Coin Group; Group Marketing and PR Director for Prénatal.

Carlo Amico

Carlo Amico
Graphic Designer, after a degree in architecture he started his collaboration in academic field by teaching cartoon sketching and examining origami as architecture. He collaborates with research agency NOWA participating in La Biennale di Venezia - 2010. Nowadays he collaborates as freelance with several architecture studios in Milan.

Francesco Russo

Francesco Russo
Since 2000 he’s been working in communication field, firstable for digital later for integrated agencies (TBWA and Publicis). He’s currently responsible of strategic planning team at Doing.

Ilaria Loria

Ilaria Loria
She graduated with a sperimental thesis in Brand Management analysing Fox Italia TV channel. She manages digital projects as come Project Manager and media counselor for international groups such as Saatchi&Saatchi and Lowe Worldwide. Among the brands she deals with: Armani, Eni, Renault, Benetton, Ac Milan, Google. She go specialized in integrated advertising campaigns and media strategy for DOING.

Lisa Molteni

Lisa Molteni
Digital Strategist, she’s been working for more than 10 years in communication field covering roles connected to the use of word (Copywriter, Content Manager) either online or offline; in the latest years she specialized in cross-channel digital communication. The ContactLab job experience transformed her from Creative to Strategist: she currently leads clients in a strategic reasonings, by inventing and designing effective contact programs. 

Federico Castelli

Federico Castelli
After a degree in  Psychology, he attended a Master in Copywriting. After that, he begins his creative career: Copywriter in RMG Connect, Senior Copywriter in J. Walter Thompson and Creative Supervisor in Wunderman. Currently, he is  Creative Director at KIWI.