23 March 2023

Students discuss their thesis projects for companies. From the creation to the final presentation.

The Master's thesis projects for the academic year 2021/22 are now finally available online.

Students who have attended various disciplinary Master's programs at IED have worked hard to produce high-quality theses, and are now the protagonists of these videos that aim to showcase the results to the public.

The thesis projects cover a wide range of topics, including promotion of inclusive tourism, strengthening of brand equity, development of an editorial plan to increase the popularity of a service, and many more. The projects were developed based on briefs proposed by companies such as Amazon, Voiello, Vivident, Vodafone, and San Pellegrino; and are presented as installations, apps, virtual exhibitions, as well as magazines and short animated films.

The publication of the thesis projects was made possible thanks to the efforts of the students, teachers, and academic staff, as well as the support of the brands.

IED Milano thanks everyone who contributed to the success of these projects and congratulates the students on their exceptional results.

Discover all the videos here:

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