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January 2025




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10 Months


60 IED

Specialise in this emerging field. Discover the wealth of possibilities for the fashion industry, the latest smart materials, digital manufacturing, biotextiles and circular design.

In this Master's Degree in Sustainable Fashion Technology you’ll adopt a critical and innovative approach in an experimental research environment to find new solutions for this revolutionary new fashion sector.

It’s an English-taught program based on innovative learning methods, experimentation and practical exercises, with lecturers actively encouraging self-development and critical thinking. The main emphasis of this master´s degree is the need to adopt a more ethical approach to fashion, making human behaviour and the fashion industry more sustainable. We’ll also consider material aspects, how to create dynamic identities and expressive forms of the human body.

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An interdisciplinary and innovative master's degree that addresses the future needs of fashion and sustainable design, using new materials and digital manufacturing processes.

This master´s degree is an integrative accelerator of ideas and creativity. It’s made up of modules based on computational design, digital fabrication, advanced interaction, the market and dissemination. And you’ll use your newfound knowledge in an individual research topic during the program.

You’ll develop this research project to meet a series of specific needs, and provide solutions to challenges proposed by research institutions and industrial partners.

And to do so, you can count on the advice and guidance of top professionals presenting new applications and market opportunities.

This program is for people with a degree or diploma in Fashion Design, Product Design or Architecture who want to explore new aesthetic solutions, materials and digital fabrication processes, to take the fashion sector into a sustainable future through design.

To enrol in this master´s degree, candidates must submit their CV with an academic and professional portfolio.

This master's degree gives you in-depth insight into a critical field that is going to have an increasing impact on industry in the future. It’s more important than ever to use new technologies in a more practical and sustainable way as we adopt creative processes to develop experimental new materials, more sustainable products and services.

Pick up the gauntlet to design fashion in line with environmental ethics and sustainable human behaviour. Create eco-friendly clothing in consideration of the complex relationship between creative design and business requirements. You’ll also develop communication and leadership skills well-suited to meet the challenges of the contemporary fashion system.

What’s more, taking your master's degree at a top fashion design school in the city of Barcelona is an additional advantage. Barcelona is a leading light in creative fashion design. You’ll find a wealth of design studios and fashion brands experimenting with new materials, always on the lookout for creative, qualified professionals: fashion designers, innovation consultants, researchers and


In this master's degree you’ll apply the know-how you’ve acquired in a major independent project under the guidance of professional design researchers.

New Perspectives on Fashion Design
Soft Materials and Circular Design
Digital Fabrication Processes
Business and Communication

Future Technologies for sustainable fashion

Designing for the many


Aldo Sollazzo


Anna Correa


Jordi Montaner

Industrial engineer, co-founder of Footwearology Lab


Júlia Esqué

Product Designer at juliaesque


Course partner