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September 2023


Full time


On campus


4 Years



Course coordinator

Alina Erimia


from 10.900€

Push your creative boundaries, give people what they want to express their personality through what they wear, dress them in your art, with your work in the field of fashion design.

What we wear is a form of expression! The Bachelor of Arts in Design, specialising in Fashion Design gives you all the resources you need to work in the professional fashion world combining creativity, function and fashion with one precise goal: to make us look and feel good in what we wear, comfortable and confident with what we convey through the clothes we wear.

This course at IED Kunsthal Bilbao gives you a solid grounding in Fashion Design to face the challenges of the modern fashion industry. You’ll learn to define brand identity and image, design and create a collection, and acquire a panoramic insight into all the processes involved in garment making, fashion design and the development of management and communication strategies.

In this course you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the world of fashion, a complex ecosystem and a global community with a variety of essential functions, of which design is just one.

Information to decide

A course to design clothes as an extension of your artistic expression to make your mark on the creative market.

The course model represents the backbone of the IED Kunsthal Bilbao learning experience. It’s based on a collaborative strategy, with four principle concepts: learning from those who know, learning by doing, learning on demand, learning from reality.

IED Kunsthal Bilbao is a design school where working professionals and aspiring designers share experiences and knowledge to create a great design community. You’ll acquire the values and skills necessary to take your first steps on the road to your professional career with a proactive attitude, specific problem-solving skills, and your own creative personality.

Based on a humanistic model, we welcome people with an open mind who embrace contemporary culture and adopt a critical attitude towards their context. We’ll give you what you need to change your game and transform that context, putting you in a position to offer solutions for clients, corporations, organisations and society as a whole. A course model based on real design experience.



This course is for those who realise the value of fashion in society and want to fully comprehend how this sector works, in a professional environment with a wide range of functions that go beyond just fashion design.

It’s a course for students who know full well that fashion is much more than just a question of clothes.

If artistic expression is important to you, here you’ll find a place to develop your style, to turn ideas into creations and present material proposals for the industry.

The IED Kunsthal Bilbao syllabus combines a theoretical approach and hands-on experience with an invariable focus on innovation and global development.

Inclusion, sustainability and a sense of community are values found in all subjects to give you a comprehensive learning experience in which we set the bar to achieve the highest possible standards of academic excellence. As part of this novel learning experience, we actively encourage you to experiment with your creative talent in a variety of fashion industry contexts.

What’s more, you’ll live this experience in the unique setting of Bilbao, a cosmopolitan context where industry has learnt to coexist in harmony with nature, a European city that’s become a capital of fashion design with a wealth of opportunities for future development.


What will you learn?

In the first year, you’ll acquire a broad understanding of the design world also in its historical context, and learn the most useful methods and tools to use when working in the sector.

First Semester

Representation Systems
Design Fundamentals / Fashion Projects 0
Design Fundamentals / Method and Process
Design Fundamentals / Theory
Communication, Methodology, Productivity
Digital Technology
Science Applied to Design
Artistic Drawing
Aesthetics 1
Design Fundamentals / Theory
The History of Art 1
The Basics of Colour
Form and Volume

Second Semester

Fashion Materials and Technology 1
Pattern Design and Garment Making 1
Modelling and Illustration

What will you learn?

In the Second year you’ll start developing projects, testing out what you’ve learnt in specific fields, such as men’s fashion design or printing techniques.

First Semester

Design Management
Design Culture
Aesthetics 2
The History of Fashion
The History of Art 2
Photography and Audiovisual Design
Fashion Materials and Technology 2
Pattern Design and Garment Making 2
Fashion Illustration

Second Semester

An Introduction to Fashion Styling
Projects 1 / Production Techniques Needlework and Knitwear
Projects 2 / Women’s Collection
Projects 3 / Printing Techniques
Projects 4 / Men’s Collection

What will you learn?

In the third year you’ll acquire more in-depth knowledge of digital illustration and the materials and technology used in the fashion sector, as well as specific know-how in strategic fields, such as marketing and business management.

First Semester

The history of contemporary fashion
The Sociology of Fashion
Fashion Business Management
Fashion Marketing and Communication
Fashion Materials and Technology 3
Pattern Design and Garment Making 3 / Experimental Clothing and Sportswear

Second Semester

Production and Communication Technology
Projects 5 / Stage and Show Wardrobe Collection
Projects 6 / Accessories’ Collection
Projects 7 / Sportswear Collection
Styling Projects
Digital Illustration
Creating Fabrics
Participation in Activities

What will you learn?

In the fourth year you’ll create a portfolio to showcase the particular style of work you’ve developed to the professional world. You’ll also present your final project and gain work experience with fashion companies.

First Semester

Production and Communication Technology 2
The Fashion Brand and Company
Digital Illustration 2
Creating your Digital Portfolio

Second Semester

Work Experience
Final Project
Work Experience II


Alina Erimia

Course Coordinator

Miriam	Ocáriz | © Pablo Axpe

Miriam Ocáriz


Tytti Thusberg


Jaime	De los Ríos | © IED Kunsthal © Pablo Axpe

Jaime De los Ríos


Silvia Gallego


Alexandere Prieto


Julen	Quevedo | © IED Kunsthal © Pablo Axpe

Julen Quevedo


Leticia	Orué | © IED Kunsthal © Pablo Axpe

Leticia Orué


Libe	Mancisidor | © IED Kunsthal © Pablo Axpe

Libe Mancisidor


Borja Legarda


Maite	Mugerza | © IED Kunsthal © Pablo Axpe

Maite Mugerza


Fermín Hualde


Eduardo Piédrola


Marián	Rubio | © IED Kunsthal © Pablo Axpe

Marián Rubio


Marta	Cazalla | © IED Kunsthal © Pablo Axpe

Marta Cazalla


Usune Bravo


Tomás Carrascal


Susana Zaldívar


Adele Orcajada

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