Start date

January 2023




On campus


3 Months



Learn the theoretical and practical basics to become professional image consultants and personal shoppers.

From finding the right style for any occasion to lending beauty and lifestyle advice, these services intend to help the customer portray the image and qualities they intend to convey.

Along with in-class knowledge, the CSP in Image Consultant and Personal Shopper encourages students to use the practical lab in every subject right from day one to work on real cases that they can relate to. The course ends with students delivering a presentation to the customer combining all the know‑how, skills and competencies they have acquired.

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The course provides students with the basic tools needed by the image consultant to help a client define and express their identity.

The programme will deal with the history of fashion and the search for trends, including elements as fundamental as the psychology of colour, elegance, and style. It will also cover aspects such as body language and non-verbal communication. Subjects will consist of both theory and practice.

People interested in personal image, fashion, and trends who want to learn about Barcelona’s fashion side. People associated with clothes shops, hotels, and beauty centres who want to offer their clients a unique and personalised service.

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