We are a community of designers inspired and guided by a shared vision

Since 1966, our educational experience has changed over time but continues to be based on a simple and effective model: we combine theory with practice and knowledge brought into the classroom by professionals from the world of work. We teach our students to be one step ahead, in the present.

We are an inclusive, transdisciplinary school that uses design as a universal language for change.

We work in a large Mediterranean-style laboratory that places the individual and their uniqueness in the centre of a multi-geographical and transnational network.

We discover people who can change the world through the power of their ideas... and we work to connect them with each other.

Fondazione Francesco Morelli

We are part of the Fondazione Francesco Morelli, a private, non-profit organization. Beneficial owner of the assets of Francesco Morelli, founder of Istituto Europeo di Design, its sole goal is to foster the culture and education at design, science, art, creativity and innovation for youngsters across the world and for society at large.

The Francesco Morelli Foundation aims to ensure that the visionary project of its founder - Istituto Europeo di Design - may be passed on to future generations and society preserving its original model, structure, values and mission.

In 2022 we experienced this transformation into Benefit Company in order to formalise our positive impact on society and on the planet. In creating IED S.B.p.A. we have included in our corporate objectives the things which have always been part of our DNA: the generation of shared value for the community and the environment, and the commitment to operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories and the environment, and towards cultural and social assets, activities, organisations, associations and other stakeholders.

Opportunities and services

The presence of a community of Alumni in a specific geographical area represents an added value both for novice professionals and for those who are already consolidated in their career. Young professionals, looking for their first opportunity, can benefit from the community to get advice and guidance on industry-specific trends and skills, as well as to receive support in identifying job opportunities.

Alumni can act as mentors, advising young people on opportunities within their organizations or connecting them with other professional contacts that could offer job opportunities. This relationship can foster the development of both soft and hard skills of junior professionals. Similarly, more experienced professionals can benefit from community participation.

Through the network, in fact, you can expand your professional relationships, encouraging the exchange of ideas and knowledge. You can also get in touch with other Alumni professionals for mutual business opportunities. In addition, the community offers the opportunity to undergo periodic assessments of your skills and review your professional profile if necessary

Local Chapters 

Bringing together our vibrant community of creative minds across different cities and regions.

The local chapters aim to foster connections, facilitate networking, and provide exciting opportunities for professional and personal growth. We believe in creating regional hubs where our graduates can connect, collaborate, and continue to engage with our global community.

Each chapter is led by dedicated alumni volunteers who are passionate about cultivating meaningful experiences for fellow graduates in their area.

Such Alumni chapters work as Observatory for Trends or Research. 

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