Who are the protagonists of the Contemporary Art and Culture world? 

How is each of them evolving?

Is there the need for new or updated competences and skills to face this evolution?

How are the fields of Creativity: Design, Fashion, Communication fields influenced by the world of Art? 

Do these systems interact with each other?

Are there professional figures common to the world of Art and Creativity?

NOT AN ARTIST is an investigation project led by IED and Accademia di Belle Arti “Aldo Galli” Como, involving professionals of the world of contemporary art and culture. The concept arises from the observation of the contemporary art and culture scenario, which is evolving and opening up the market for new opportunities. The goal is to foster a conversation and a discussion about the role and future evolution of all the “side-professions” that accompany and complement the work of Artists and Designers as well as the definition of the blurring borders between Art and the Design disciplines.

The result was not a clear answer but rather the need of deeper understanding under two research lines:

Discovering the professions of Contemporary Art


Curator, Arts Manager, Museum Educator, Restorer/Conservator and Registrar are some of the professions explored through the project


In the framework of International events and partnering with renowned institutions IED invites the protagonists of the cultural world to share their own experiences presenting practical examples, case studies and best practices in order to enrich the debate and provide participants with an overview of the future career opportunities in the artistic and cultural field. 

What does it mean to be NOT AN ARTIST?
What is the role of Institutions and different professionals in the changing scenario?
Where does the border between art and design lie?

The answer to these questions, and more, was given in the events.

Exploring the blurring borders between disciplines

Art and Design

Art and Fashion


Photo courtesy The High Line, Liz Ligon

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