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Venice has always been a crossroads of different cultures, which has allowed it to be more exposed than other cities to influences, trends and innovations, in the arts as well as in culture and commerce, nurturing a vocation for researching and encountering everything that is new.

Venice is the home of the first and largest proto-industrial organization in the Western world, the Arsenal, where mass naval line production was invented and implemented.

Languages, ideas and talents come together in Venice, and with them also objects and materials. The city distinctive vocation to transformation is a necessary quality for forging contacts between different communities and promoting new situations.

What makes IED Venice a training centre of excellence? Its ability to entertain a discourse with the heritage of knowledge that thrives in this city and to act as the catalyst for proposals, projects, people and energies not only in the local context, but nationally and internationally.




Ended the last 6th of January “On Walking Away”, exhibition curated by the students of the IED Venezia Masters course in Curatorial Practice.

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Curatorial Practice

Master Courses

The course aims at training professionals able to support glass companies in repositioning their brands thanks to the combination of a traditional and rich craftmanship technique with the design method.


Business for Arts and Culture

Master Courses

The main aim of the Master is to provide a strong theoretical background in relation to culture and creativity coupled with a managerial vision related to the field of design and cultural business start-up.