Start date

July 2023




On campus


10 days

This summer, learn fun illustration, animation and videogames techniques while practising English, and doing what you like best: drawing!

On this course you will come up with your own stories, discover the mechanisms of motion graphics and learn the necessary techniques to develop your own videogames and become an inventor.You will learn the tricks needed to bring your ideas to life.

Information to decide

The Illustration, Animation and Videogames Summer Course will take place in July at the IED Madrid headquarter: Calle Flor Alta 8 (Palacio de Altamira).

Duration: 2 weeks
Timetable: from Monday to Friday 10:00 to 14:00 


Week 1

Take a look around: observe in order to contribute
Portraits and self-portraits: let's get to know each other
The city at your feet: drawing our surroundings
The power to imagine: create your own universe
Do it yourself: customise your favourite clothes and objects!
From paper to the screen: vector drawing can be cool too
Designing characters and narratives: from image to text

Week 2

Create your world from almost nothing: Stop Motion and lo-fi illusionism
Learn to design in movement: my first motion graphics
Hello World! Programming is easy
Our best friend: Unity 3D
Graphics and video games: drawing has never been so much fun
From script to playability: what to tell and how to play