CG Animators and 3D Artists: who they are, what they do and how to become one

Who are they, what they do

In today’s digital landscape, the roles of CG Animator and 3D Artist are fundamental pillars in the entertainment, film, and advertising industries. Blending art and technology, these digital creatives bring virtual worlds and characters to life, enchanting and emotionally engaging the audience.

A CG Animator is an artist who creates special effects and animations for a wide range of channels, including films, video games and advertising campaigns.

Using cutting-edge and continually updated software, these professionals handle the modelling, animation, and rendering of three-dimensional elements, creating immersive and impactful visual experiences. Their ability to combine advanced techniques with keen artistic sensitivity makes digital creators indispensable in transforming creative ideas into animated visual realities.

A CG Animator's role goes beyond mere technical execution; they actively contribute to visual storytelling, adding invaluable worth to digital productions by creating imaginary worlds, expressive characters and dynamic scenarios that push the boundaries of reality.

Role and responsibility

The CG Animator's work begins with the conceptual phase, where initial ideas are developed and transformed into detailed artistic visions. This creative process requires not only a flexible imagination but also close collaboration with Directors, Scriptwriters, Designers, and Technicians to ensure that every animated element harmonises with the project's narrative and visual context.

The digital creator is responsible for modelling characters and environments, animating movements and expressions and creating the appropriate special effects, giving substance to a new and fantastic world. To succeed, they use a wide range of animation and rendering software, such as Blender and Autodesk Maya, both of which are used for 3D animation.

Bringing characters and scenarios to life through animation is crucial for a project's success, so multimedia creations must be not only technically impressive but also emotionally engaging.

Career and salary

A CG Animator can find work in various fields, including film production studios, video game companies, and advertising agencies.

Salaries vary depending on experience and the type of project you are working on. The expansion of digital media has led to a sharp increase in demand for high-quality visual content, offering CG Animators interesting professional opportunities now and in the near future.

Skills and training

To excel as a CG Animator, it is crucial to develop a combination of technical and creative skills, alongside a strong capacity for collaboration.

At the core of these skills is a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of animation, such as timing, spacing and squash and stretch, which are essential for creating smooth and natural movements. Of equal importance, as previously mentioned, is the mastery of 3D modelling and animation software that enables animators to transform artistic concepts into living digital creations.

In addition to technical skills, a CG Animator must possess a sound understanding of the principles of visual storytelling, so that he or she can interpret scripts and storyboards and convert them into animated sequences that tell a story by conveying emotions.

Training to become a 3D digital animator often involves obtaining a diploma or degree in fields such as digital animation, computer graphics, or related disciplines. These study programmes provide a robust theoretical and practical foundation, covering everything from art and design theory to advanced courses on specific animation techniques and the use of state-of-the-art industry software.

How to become a CG Animator and 3D Artist

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