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“Creating in 3D” means building environments and characters and giving them life. Animated films, advertising, games, design and communication and interactivity in general are the main professional areas for CG Animators. This courses produces professionals who can operate autonomously or as part of a team for production and post-production houses, gaming software companies, communications agencies and design studios. An innate passion for technology, film, comic books, videogames, cartoons, photography and visual arts in general is a help for this training path and the future profession.


ied alumni: erika mascolo


Erika Mascolo, pure passion for special effects. Immediately after graduating in CG Animation she worked for Flat Parioli as Digital Compositor, collaborating on national and international projects such as I bastardi di Pizzofalcone 2 and General Commander. After a few months  in which she deepened her knowledge of the subject through independent studies, she moved to Braga, Portugal, where she started working as a Digital Composer for Nu Boyana FX, a studio that works on visual effects, animation and VR Experiences and that is active in the entertainment sector with international collaborations. In particular, Erika distinguished herself in the production phase of the action film Rambo: Last Blood, and she earned her first screen credit.
Erika had already distinguished herself in the three-year course, in particular with the interdisciplinary thesis RAN’Ō, a video game for which, together with other students, she created the full 3D teaser trailer, covering the role of Producer, Lighter and Digital Composer. The video game was then produced by Forge Studios, a company specializing in the creation of sci-fi and science fiction content in CGI. Watch the gameplay video.


A dissertation project from the CG Animation and Sound Design courses at IED Milano, ReCycle is a VR fantasy setting which offers a metaphor for human life and aims to raise awareness among the public around two very relevant topics: pollution and recycling. The protagonist of the story is the user, who can decide how to proceed through the story by interacting with the environment, with two different endings available.
The images in the gallery show the size of the virtual world created in the game.
The project was developed with guidance from Proxima Milano and Operà Music.
Students: Jessica Giovanna Marrubini, Niccolò Pozzi, Valentina Zucchi, Giacomo Maria Greco.


In their third and final year of the course, a group of students from IED Milano created a stunning full-CGI short film. Every detail was meticulously explored as the students made full use of the potential of the rendering platform Redshift. Watch the short film!

modelling exercises


Schism is a CG Animation project, but also a work of transmedia production and marketing, developed by IED students in Rome. Here is a scene from the game:

showreel - IED Milano

We’ve got to the point where we want fantasy to look just like real life. It’s because we’ve seen what CGI professionals are capable of creating with the technology we now have available to us and that has made the skill more and more useful. We can now create worlds, transfigure people, distort time and essentially turn anything we can think of into a reality. Check out some of the projects produced by IED Milano students.

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The professional world requires a highly qualified and cross-disciplinary preparation. For this reason, IED suggests its students to keep themselves informed and updated through courses that are complementary to those they followed during their undergraduate pathway.

See the list of IED Master courses held in Italy, in English language: learn more.



IED has renewed its partnership with Proxima Milano and is preparing to work with Visual Arts students on exciting new cross-discipline projects. “The partnership with IED is one of our firm’s biggest achievements” said Andrea Masera from Proxima Milano. “Education and training are vital to us and this partnership strengthens our resolve to become the first port of call for anyone wishing to embark on a career in VFX and use new tech and new communication languages.” Read more.

echoes from cryo - unreal engine 4 project

This CG Animation and Sound Design dissertation project focused on a videogame demo developed on UE4, using new technology such as photogrammetry, leap motion and augmented reality. The player is a prisoner escaping from a prison in Antartica. During the escape, the prisoner takes refuge in a control station and discovers a technologically advanced society which lives under the surface of the Earth.

Students: Ludovico Antonicelli, Mirko Capuzzo, Andrea Cespa, Jacopo Conte, Massimiliano Italiano, Francesco Zani (CG Animation), Andrea Caldera, Andrea Romani, Lorenzo Sattin (Sound Design).