This profession requires to ability to develop sound communication projects. A Sound Designer is a manipulator of the invisible who orchestrates and controls sounds, working on each kind of object and communication product.

This professional lives within a territory made of blends, timber, ambient sounds, digital and analogic audios, collaborating with several figures active in the realisation of a visual or sound object. Sound Designers work at soundtracks, sound effects and sound installations, working of perceptions and making become real something incorporeal, mixing passion and technique.



Every day, whether you continue after your studies in the freelance profession or if you work in a studio or in a company, a very high and above all transversal preparation is required. For this reason, IED also advises its students to keep themselves informed and update themselves often, perhaps with complementary courses to those taken in the three years, also gaining experience abroad.

The offer of IED courses is developed in 11 cities, 3 countries, 2 continents.

See the updated list of undergraduate courses, heldin Italian and English, here

On the other hand, a daily update in one's own city is possible thanks to Continuing Education courses. These courses include Specialization Courses and Advanced Training Courses, which can be consulted in the specific offers of the various locations.