SURFACE #3: The cover

One is not enough

The Thesis manifesto in Video Design: One is not enough by the students at IED Roma investigates the theme of changing perspectives and respecting diversity and becomes the third cover of the Fragile Surface project

SURFACE #3: The project

One is not enough

The students at IED Roma participated in a multidisciplinary thesis for Contemporary Cluster - Palazzo Brancaccio entitled: Collective Intelligence.
This creative breeding ground supports a vision of art free of schemes, which feeds on continuous influences, making “commixture” the key word. This gallery concept is made more alive and inclusive than the traditional gallery and, by breaking down barriers between historical periods, disciplines and styles, this space embodies what has always kept art in continuous development. The students wanted to bring back this free vision in an all-embracing way, thus developing the Thesis project in the form of a series of short films: “One Is Not Enough” on the theme of changing perspectives and respecting diversity. They also made a manifesto video, from which the cover image originates, to further explore the themes of the thesis videos.

On the basis of the brief, the students interpreted the need to convey the imaginative universe of the Contemporary Cluster and the main values on which it is based through a particular format, in the style of a fashion film.

The world harbours infinite perspectives whose richness lies in its diversity. A vision free from patterns and conventions allows the creation of new realities that stimulate the individual and their surroundings. The idea of limiting everything to a single concept, function, definition, on the contrary, leads to a sterile static situation. That is why “one is not enough”, in all its meanings.

Film by: 

Chiara Frustaci

Clara Ninno

Elisa Chiera

Federico Orsaria

Marco Chiarelli

Matteo De Rosa

Luca Giovanetti


Voice by:

Francesco Lucà


Sound by:

Gianfilippo Fibraroli

Luca Prestigiacomo


Music by: 

Tommaso Brancato

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