SURFACE #6: The cover


A discreet but significant intervention on a detail of Andrea Mantegna’s iconic “Lamentation of Christ”.

An ironic commentary on the difficulties of artificial intelligence in realistically reproducing human hands and feet, which is also intended to stimulate reflection on the inability of AI to attribute meaning to images.

The work by Tommaso Radaelli a student in the second year of the Three-year Diploma in Illustration and Animation at IED Milano becomes the sixth cover of the Fragile Surface project.

SURFACE #6: The project

Students from the three-year courses at IED Milano’s School of Visual Arts tackle the theme of the relationship between creativity and technology: 
“Is it right to use Artificial Intelligence in one’s work? What kind of implications will AI have in different disciplines? How can technology be used ethically?”

For the sixth cover of the Fragile Surface series, a student contest and a live audio/visual performance at the Fabbrica del Vapore describe the implications of a not-too-distant future.

Six students from the School of Visual Arts participated in the contest:

Elif Cigirgil, Carlotta Mutti, Sahar Snir in the second year of the Three-Year Diploma in Graphic Design, Tommaso Radaelli in the second year of the Three-Year Diploma in Illustration and Animation, Emma Scarafiotti from the Master Course in Visual Arts for Digital Age, Alessia D’Acquisto who followed the continuing study programme in Art Direction Lab and the Master Course in Graphic Design.

The second-year students of the Three-year Diplomas in Sound Design and Video Design were involved in the Live Performance course and, like their peers, worked on aesthetic and design topics related to the dissemination of technologies and systems simulating human behaviour. The much-discussed topic of “Artificial Intelligence” is investigated and compared to the languages of the multimedia arts, interpreted and declined in a range of sound and visual compositions performed live.

From the submitted images, the Artribune editorial team selected the most representative:  prompt=mantegna_cristo_morto.jpg by Tommaso Radaelli.

We present here the entire proposal.
Each student addresses a different aspect of the relationship between man and technology and we invite you to learn more by clicking on each image.


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