Not an artist – Discovering the professions of Contemporary Art

NOT AN ARTIST is a traveling talk among art experts aimed at presenting and discussing the role and future evolution of Cultural Managers, Curators and all the other “side-professions” that accompany and complement the work of Artists and Designers.
The concept behind moves from the observation of the contemporary art scenario, which is evolving and opening up the market for new opportunities.

NOT AN ARTIST involves professionals who deal with the same topics explored by IED Master courses in Art. In each event, they will share with the audience their own experiences in the art scene presenting practical examples, case studies and best practices in order to provide participants with an overview of  the future career opportunities in the artistic and cultural field.


not an artist

The past and future of not an artist

NOT AN ARTIST Los Angeles – June 6th, 2018
NOT AN ARTIST Venice – September 17th-19th, 2017
NOT AN ARTIST Istanbul – September 15th 2017



Group exhibition ToyBoyz: The Toy Designer as a symbol of the blurring borders between disciplines, Artists and Designers Fidia Falaschetti, J.Led, Massimo Giacon, Tokidoki.

Not An Artist Talk about the professions involved in the business of toy design, hosting:
Giorgia Mannucci, Art Manager
Igor Zanti, IED Venezia Director, Art Critic and Curator
Fidia Falaschetti, Artist and Designer
Massimo Giacon, Artist and Designer
Valeria Rumori, IIC Director


Not An Artist Talk about art professions, hosting:

Clementina Rizzi, Head of Communication at Palazzo Grassi
Tommaso Sacchi, Curator and Town Council Member for Culture for the city of Florence
Marco Trevisan, Partner at Christie’s
Igor Zanti, IED Venezia Director, Art Critic and Curator

Guided visit to the Biennale exhibition.

istanbul, september 2017

Not An Artist Talk about cultural managementcuratorship and connections between Italy and Turkey, hosting:

Igor Zanti, Moderator – IED Venezia Director, Art Critic and Curator
Deniz Ova – Istanbul Design Biennial Director
Tamara Chalabi – President of Ruya Foundation, Curator of Iraqi Pavilion – Venice Biennale’17
Harun Elibolca – Founder/Director Gigology, Sundaze, Downtown Festival, Istanbul