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Graphics, digital art, sounds, animation, interactivity. Multimedia designers deal with all this and much more besides. It is one of the most eclectic professions in the modern communication industry, requiring people that are half artists and half tech and interface experts. Multimedia designers work for companies or as freelancers, programming software for web and mobile devices and providing support around products, services and events. Much more than just creatives with an eye for IT, multimedia designers possess advanced skills which allow them to fully exploit the augmented reality of digital devices.

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Day_o is a project-protest by the students of IED Cagliari to raise awareness among visitors to the Rome Maker Faire on the issue of water resources reduction and the urgency of a more conscious use of this precious asset. This is a prototype of an “intelligent” paid water dispenser, with an aseptic and minimalist design, which will not pay the same dose at the same price at each request, but will gradually reduce it, at the same cost.
Each time a coin will be inserted, a special algorithm will calculate the value of the water to be dispensed according to the quantity contained in the ampoule clearly visible in the center of the device.
The project is part of the broader topic of sustainability that IED embraced and that was launched at the 2019 Design Week with the Underpressure exhibition.

ied alumni: irene gambelli

A remarkable challenge, a complex brief. Shortcut is a horror movie produced by Mad Rocket Entertainment, with sound effects by Makinarium, on the screens in the 2020. The Visual Arts Department of IED Roma was asked to work on a transmedia communication project to promote the film. Many students from different courses were involved in the project and Irene created the movie official website, a visit of the set in virtual reality and a backstage video.
It is also because of this experience that Irene is currently working for the digital creative agency Brad&k, that has among its clients Universal, Lucky Red, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney.



The technology developed by Massimo Fortarezza, Maurizio Lucci, Riccardo Oliva and Davide Valenzano from IED Milano will allow small stores to gather qualitative data on their clients – including both physical customers who interact with objects in store and online consumers. Meanwhile, the customer will receive personalised campaigns, promotions on their preferred products and bespoke storytelling. It’s a fully digital revolution that addresses a real-world need – and it started out as a Thesis Project.



On the occasion of the release of “The Amazing Spiderman”, as part of the collaboration between IED Arti Visive and Warner Bros. Pictures Italy, a group of students organised a promotional projection mapping of the film in one of the most popular nightlife spots in Rome. The projection mapping was the dissertation project the Media Design course students.

ied alumni: cecilia pasquali


Cecilia graduated in Media Design in 2019 with the whole concept and development of the project Lisa, a indie-horror videogame on Unreal Engine. She worked right after for the food delivery app Moovenda as Digital Art Director, taking part in the company’s relaunch on the market. Then she moved in Barcelona and worked as Product Designer for the 21 Buttons company, putting together the passion for technology and fashion.
She is currently back on videogames, collaborating with Ubisoft as Experience Designer. Her comprehensive experience on the different areas of digital design allowed her to acquire a know-how on each step of the production process.
Watch the trailer of Lisa, Cecilia’s Final Project at IED.



Take the most famous works by Toulouse – Lautrec, such as the Tournée du Chat Noir. Imagine analysing their colour characteristics and distinguishing features from a data perspective, using an algorithm. Then project this unusual take on the work on the façade of a building in Nuoro, using ultra-precise mapping technology that exploits the architecture of the surface. That’s the project that the MAN Museum commissioned from IED Cagliari, whose very own Marco Santaniello took charge of development.


As SOON As Possible or As SAFE As Possible. This IED Milano dissertation project created smart handlebars which interact with a smart navigation app to optimise journey times and improve road safety. The handlebars are fitted with an LED display which provides clear, immediate instructions to the rider, while indication lights tell them when to make a turn. There is also an algorithm which helps riders avoid dangerous or bumpy roads.


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Named after the armour that transforms samurais into heroes, Yoroi is an original webseries produced as a dissertation project by a group of Video Design, Sound Design and Media Design students at IED Roma, in partnership with Red Bull.

The ten film-makers, nine sound designers and three media designers teamed up to tell the stories of four leading Red Bull athletes. The video gives us a glance behind the scenes of four missions that saw the protagonists travel Italy from north to south in an intense on-the-road adventure, with the athletes: Roland Fishnaller, Airton Cozzolino, Luca Bertossio and Giacomo Redondi.