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Nowadays, communicating means operating in a constantly changing world. The role of the communicator is one of those that have been most significantly affected by technological and social changes, to the extent that it not only requires new skills but also necessitates a strategic, conceptual vision that was previously the reserve of other professions. Communicators accept this challenge and put themselves to the test, alternating between method and creativity, talent and the ability to tell a story of experiences and people. They recognise the need to share values while never losing sight of market demands.
The Undergraduate course in Design della Comunicazione offers a cross-disciplinary approach to the profession and gives students the chance to choose between four specialisms: Communication Management, focusing on brand management through the development of effective communication strategies and plans; Event and PR, for the design and delivery of events; Copywriting and Content Design, for the productuction of text-based and visual storytelling projects, both online and offline; Art Direction, focusing on the creation and management of expressive, iconographic styles.


poste humans


The project that IED Roma students carried out in collaboration with Poste Italiane consists in the creation of an online portal and the related communication campaign. The goal is to support the connection among those young people with talent and ideas by providing them with a digital toolkit useful for the launch of startups. The platform fills any gaps in the management or implementation of projects through the creation of a team, it cancels distances, offers opportunities and removes fears towards the future, encouraging entrepreneurship in Italy.
Students involved: Stefano Falcone, Cosimo Salvati, Luigi Civetta, Pietro Baccaro.


What IED Milano students in Communication did for the icon brand LEGO was to design an event that would involve families with children aged 1 to 14 years, with the aim of conveying the values of the brand. Imagination, Creativity, FunLearning, Caring and Quality were the key words that guided the project.


IED Torino students Andrea Cantore, Alessandro Dagasso and Giulia De Benedetti devised and created a communications campaign to promote the brand and its beauty products, designing a social strategy and a number of place branding proposals. The project was split into three phases: brand, competitor and target market analysis; creation of a bespoke, versatile creative concept; development and design of coordinated communication.

ied for ceres

The funniest brand in the beverage world faces new challenges. What is the positioning consistent with the brand values? Products, strategy and communication for the launch of brand extension and licensing activities in Italy. After analysing the reference market, the target market and Ceres, the students at IED Milano identified the opportunity for the brand to create a physical place where they could offer their consumers a refined and out-of-the-ordinary fun.

the young ones competition


With their project Describe Your Child, Alice Pirri, Antonella Evangelista (as art directors) and Emma Sabia (as copywriter) won the golden pencil at the One Show / The Young Ones Competition in New York. It is one of the most famous international competitions involving students from creative, graphic and advertising institutes around the world.
Among the many briefs on which they could work, the three students chose that of Dove Men + Care. With the aim of supporting the idea of paternity leave as a way to promote the idea of a more authentic masculinity, linked to the care of people, they have therefore carried out a social experiment. Watch the video: they won the only gold pencil awarded to a European country!


The aim of the interdisciplinary dissertation that the Municipality of Rome commissioned from IED was to create a bike-sharing scheme that would promote more sustainable mobility in the city, despite local scepticism towards bikes, the unfavourable landscape and the size of the city.


In order to win over the people of Rome, the students opted against a traditional bike-sharing scheme and instead designed a completely new scheme under the name SVOLTA [Change]. The project has three big strengths:

pedal-assisted bikes to help users deal with the hills of Rome;

– reward system based on virtual BIKECOINS to incentivise proper bicycle usage;

– Casa della Bicicletta info point at the former slaughterhouse in Rome.

The interdisciplinary dissertation saw participation from Graphic Design students, who designed the brand, Interior Design students, who worked on the Casa della Bicicletta, Product Design students, who designed the bicycles, Media Design students, who worked on the app, and Communication Design students, who worked on the product launch.

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The professional world requires a highly qualified and cross-disciplinary preparation. For this reason, IED suggests its students to keep themselves informed and updated through courses that are complementary to those they followed during their undergraduate pathway.

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Books have always played a key cultural role all over the world. They have spread, built, expanded and stored virtually all human knowledge. In recent years, however, the role of books as objects and indeed that of reading as an action is changing radically. The digital era has transformed our habits and changed our interests. This project not only explored the current state of books but also tackled the more important, complex topic of the fate of libraries and bookshops, which are falling in popularity and importance. What will the bookshop of the future look like? To answer this question, the project examined the only example in Italy of a successful alternative: Open – More than Books / How should this trend be communicated? How should it be promoted? By Roberta Elisa Del Favero, Lorenzo Gennaro, Qwiwei Sun (Art Direction), Enrica Litrico, Federica Tortora (Copywriting), Sofia Agnati, Greta Castelli, Delia Galbiati, Norma Piccoli (Event Management), Francesca Crippa, Andrea Gornati, Bianca Maderna, Stephanie Voelser (Communication).