Master of Design and Innovation



Start date

January 2023


Full time


On Campus


11 Months



The Master of Design and Innovation is a high performance and qualification programme aimed at professionals who wish to change the world through strategic design, sustainability and innovation.

It is conceived to provide a notable boost to our students’ professional development, positioning them as attractive profiles for companies and opening up new opportunities in their working lives.

The master concentrates on innovation and strategic design as the central and transversal axis at the same time, without losing sight of the impact that creative thought may have on companies. For the duration of the course, the students share common content and projects and, on the other hand, provides specific training for each one of the cohabiting disciplines: Product Design Lab, Strategic Design Lab and Communication Design Lab.

Information to decide

The Master of Design and Innovation develops unique skills and competences thanks to the diverse methodologies and experiences of the programme along with experts with a recognised track record.

The Master of Design and Innovation concentrates on innovation and strategic design as central and transversal axes at the same time. For the students share common content and projects and, on the other hand, provides specific training for each one of the cohabiting disciplines.

Transversal education

Students on this programme will receive transversal training to make them professionals with a 360º vision of the corporate world. Designers in all fields require transversal knowledge of common design skills. Such knowledge: methodologies, experiences and laboratories, provides an efficient tool to understand the relations between people, the economy, our planet and design, enhancing the capacity to define the impact we need to become leaders in the future of our fragile ecosystem.

  • Innovation: Methodologies and tools for innovative ideas. Design from and with innovation guidelines on the conceptualisation of new businesses, systems and products.
  • Sustainability: Social, economic, cultural and environmental sustainability principles applied to thinking and developing design processes.
  • Strategic Design: The ability to define and design strategies where designers become more accurate and efficient each step into the process of design and future results.

Shared education

Around 70% of Master addresses teaching methodologies and tools which are useful for one discipline or another. It reinforces the concept of a multidisciplinary education, enhancing the experience and collaborative learning by design.

Specific education

Each discipline has its own set of projects and subjects where the specific skills are improved through detailed experiences and challenges. Almost all specific activities are projects with/for real clients and scenarios, subjects and the Final MDI Personal Project.

Designers working in any discipline, architects and engineers with academic and professional experience, who want to specialize and materialize an idea into a specific product or project. We recommend that participants arrive at the Masters with a project in mind, since the program offers them the ideal time and place to do it. This Master is a multidisciplinary and international program, on the frontier between design and production.

Why do we travel?

Master in Design of Innovation journey is an experience that creates essential moments for learning and personal growth. A journey that has the power to change students' perception of innovation and design, providing them with opportunities for connections with the world of work or carrying out real projects in other countries that help them to open their minds and contrast different working methodologies.

Designing, implementing and communicating is most effective when it is done through a concrete and real project. In addition, they will have a social vision, loaded with values of a sustainable nature, responding to the needs of today's society.

One of the main characteristics will be multidisciplinary. The trip will be carried out by students from the three routes: a union of talents to carry out social innovation actions that generate a positive impact on the area of action.

During the course, visits and trips will be programmed, always under the supervision of the evolution of the pandemic, and following the instructions of the health authorities both at the Spanish and international level.




Human Centric Design

Context Mapping

Team Building

Social and Sustainable Design


Empathy Skills

Design Research


Visual Grammar

Design Ethics


Creativity and Ideation Skills

Business Design

Lean Experimentation

UX Design

Brand Design


Intellectual Property Right

Presentation Skills

Relevance Methodology

Agile Methodologies

Design Implementation