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Start date

January 2024




On campus


10 Months


60 IED (480+20 Horas)



Capture a slice of life in time. Discover the latest trends, put everything you learn into practice, become a highly-valued professional photographer in one of a multitude of sectors.

Work on set, surrounded by professionals in this practice-based master's degree, learning, participating as part of the IED community. It’s a program with a difference in which you’ll find a wealth of in-depth information and ideas. 

When you finish your master’s degree you’ll present your final project, a great addition to your portfolio. It’s the most effective way to internalise your newfound knowledge, showcasing the work you’ve done in a professional and artistic environment.

Information to decide

Study the technical, practical and theoretical aspects of each audiovisual project, exploring every possible angle in your own unique artistic style.

By completing a master's program at IED Madrid, you will access disciplinary training that complements your knowledge and enhances your skills, making you a unique profile in the professional market.

You will also have access to two of the five optional strands that will shape your DNA as an IED student. These training areas look at the tools that will make a difference in completing your professional profile.

We have the CoLAB collaborative project in which students from different programs will come together to develop a unique project. With the guidance of leading professionals in the sector, the working groups will look at new disciplines and techniques.

This master's degree is essentially for people with a degree or diploma, engineers, or professionals with a portfolio that expresses their passion for photography, who want to turn that passion into a career. There’s no work more gratifying than doing what you love.

The focus is on those who already have a grounding in theory and want to refine and hone their know-how, finding new creative outlets for their unique vision as an artist.

If you want to study photography with other students with the same interests in an environment designed to stimulate creative thinking, to acquire and develop the skillset you need to take your first steps in the world of professional photography, this is the program for you.

Studying photography in the city of Madrid lets you rub elbows with some of the most prestigious professional photographers on the national and international scene, and learn the ropes collaborating with top photography and video production companies. 


IED collaborates with various companies and institutions in the sector, and they’re always on the lookout for new talent. This makes it an excellent opportunity to develop a network with a wealth of contacts before you finish the program. 

It’s a practice-based program focused on the contemporary professional market that gives you all the know-how and resources you need to start work immediately. 


Applying the theory you’ve learned to real projects gives you the confidence to approach new challenges, knowing you’ve successfully internalised your newfound skills as a unique and complete artist. You’ll have everything it takes to stand out in this field, a field where you’ve taken your passion and turned it into a profession.


In this Master's Degree in Professional Photography you’ll acquire an essential skillset to start a successful career in any one of a number of fields: advertising, editorial, documentaries, journalism, fashion and lifestyle. You’ll create your own portfolio and discover the best way to find what you’re looking for on the job market:


The History of Photography

Communication Theory and Practice

Documentary Essay or Standard Photography

The History of Photography

Business Practice

Documentary, Essay or Standard Photography in



Studio 1: Lighting + Practical Aspects including Location Lighting

Studio 2: Portrait + Still Life + Product: Project

Retouching: Project

The Creative Process: Workflow and Portfolio Presentation


Phase One: Digital Medium Format


Photojournalism Project

Fashion + Lifestyle Photography Project

Advertising Project


Being a Fashion Photographer Today


Critique and Writing

Building Your Career: Research and Develop a Personal

Photographic Project.

The Photo Assignment

A Thoughtful Look


Telling a Story with Photography


The Fashion Photoshoot