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Products implies relations and one of the main tasks of a Product Designer is reading society through its products moving between art, digital craftsmanship and design, building links amongst companies and consumers. A fascinating profession in the era of immaterial goods that transformed designers into entrepreneurs of their own ideas, due also to the new technologies revolution. The Product Designer must be able to see the place where people can meet hidden inside every product, and to intervene in the tangible part of the process that changes an idea into an object of desire.

product designer


“My favorite product is always the last one I design, because I believe that the Designer’s job is to improve continuously”: Attila Veress, a graduate of the Undergraduate course in Product Design and now an internationally acclaimed professional, tells his story in the new episode of IED Talents on Stage.

project with brainsigns

IED Roma students, in collaboration with the La Sapienza University spin-off company BrainSigns, investigated the ergonomy, production technologies and materials for creating a headset that would measure the individual cognitive status.

Il pensiero non detto (The though untold) investigates possible uses of the neuronal technologies developed by the company Brainsigns addressing  the fields of aphasia and autism. The project imagines to give back the voice to those people who can’t express anymore verbally thanks to a headset with sensors, with a soft form, which can translate brain waves into words, amplified by an accessory with the form of a shell.


A sustainable, modular and temporary housing system designed by Evelina Sanna from IED Caglairi, aimed at helping people in emergency situaions due to natural disasters.
The preliminar analysis showed that the priority for people in these need is to feel at home and therefore, beeing able to keep working at making their dreams real. So Evelina designed everything in detail: here are some slides from her presentation.

Project in collaboration with BMW Motorrad

BMW Savannah is a rethinking of the G 310 R addressed to women. This project has been designed by Maksym Iovchev, Erdir Mert, Jeong Min, Shen Zhi, Product Design students at IED Milano, who interviewed more than 100 women in order to understand their expectations and needs. The distinctive shape of Savannah is designed keeping in mind their answers and trying to merge elegance with technology. The result is an exciting, funny and comfortable drive experience.
The students also presented their BMW G 310 T to EICMA 2017, the Cycle and Motocycle International Exhibition: watch the video on IED Milano facebook page (italian).

Traccia, moderne tradizioni

Today, almost all types of pasta are made using the bronze drawing method. The secret is the surface friction that this historic material produces on the pasta, making it rough and porous. But what will tomorrow’s pasta look like?
At IED Torino, the student Arianna Bellezza for her Final Project in Product Design designed Traccia: a rolling pin that aims to bring this secret, handed down by pasta makers, into the homes of cooking enthusiasts, ready to try new techniques and tools.
A rolling pin with ergonomic lines guides a bronze body: a cylinder with geometric, curved or drawn surface wefts which, when it is heavily passed over the dough, will mark it, giving life to new forms, impossible to achieve through classic drawing. The body is made by lost wax casting by the Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, leaving the bronze the typical roughness on the surface, that becomes an artisanal added value to the finished product. Traccia expresses a sincere passion for experimentation. New shapes and finishes in which the seasoning remain trapped. To amaze and, above all, to be amazed.


For their Final Project, Işınsu Onaran and Tsvetomira Borisova, Product Design students at IED Milano, developed a project in collaboration with Davide Groppi, Italian Designer specialised in the production of lamps. They were asked to design a lighting equipment inspired by simplicity, lightness, emotion and innovation and decided to develop something that could belong to the world of magic.

Visit IED Milano Modelling Lab


What do fitness and sculpture have in common? The bronze.
The weight of this material is combined with its artistic identity to give shape to two weight-sculptures.
At IED Torino, the student Giulia Catalani in Three-year course in Product Design, for her Final Project designed two kettlebell for home fitness, 6 and 10 kg, which draw directly inspiration from ancient Greece to become part of the furniture. Two visually different objects as a formal representation of the opposing forces in constant equilibrium in classical artistic production: the apollonian and the dionysian. Rationality and proportion contrast with the instinct and the absence of rules in these two functional sculptures, handcrafted by Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, with the ancient technique of lost wax casting.

sinclaire remake

The project is about a power-assisted vehicle based on the English Sinclaire model and it is aimed for a car-sharing service in Cagliari offered by the company Playcar.
Student: Alessandro Serri


ied roma design lab

The creative process of a design project goes through IED Roma classrooms and lab: 9 3D printers, laser cut machines, woodworking machinery, a vacuum thermoforming machine, a 3D scanner, a milling machine, and a room equipped for painting, all available for our young designers!

exo, a project for scoprega

Exo is a SUP (Stand Up Paddling) container designed by Maria Gianera from Italy, Miguel Servera from Spain, Gustav Wassén from Sweden and Asya Usta from Turkey after the brief was given by the company Scoprega. The students analised in detail the typical users of this kind of products for watersports, they studied their habits and values and created a gear for the brand that allows users to live their experiences in water safely and nicely.
Inspiration came from travellers, sportives and soldiers as regards the structure of the bag, which is conceived as an architecture that empowers the body, and the eco-friendly material.
Check the gallery for the details!


Omri Cohen, David Elgrabli, Jose Antonio Mejia Granados and Yibin Wu, Product Design students at IED Milano, developed a Final Project in collaboration with Midea. They started from the analysis of the daily interaction between users and appliances for dust’s removal and designed a full range of vacuum cleaners, keeping brand identity and thinking to all the possible models that could have been included in the collection.

IED Alumni: Gala Fernandez

From being a student at IED Milano to teaching at IED Madrid. Gala Fernandez, after graduation, collected experiences all over the world, working in all fields of design. Marbella, Mexico City, Milan, London, Paris, New York… her activity has no boundaries. She worked a lot in the field of education through collaborations with several institutions, among which Domaine de Boischet in France where she has been also Academic Director. Among her many collaborations, there are Benetton Communication Research Centre and the design studio Ultimo Grito.

Now she owns a gallery and a studio and she keeps teaching design.

POP-UP - Project for Camping

Studying at IED also means being able to carry out group projects, working within a multicultural team. IED Milano students of the second year where asked to design a piece of furniture for the brand Campeggi addressed to millennials, taking in consideration their typical characteristics. Siri Sofie Andreassen, Battivelli Claudio, Berton Filippo and  Saurabh Hejib developed Pop-up, a coffee table that can be transformed into an extra bed, a user-friendly solution suitable for people living in small spaces.


Students on the undergraduate course in Product Design in Turin focused on the ambitious brief given by Punkt., an independent tech company based in Lugano, Switzerland, for their dissertation project.

Keyboards, mice, buttons, joysticks, control knobs, LEDs, pens, sensors, scanners… a physical interface to marry virtual and real functions.

A new generation of innovative objects: physical interfaces that can exist as objects in their own right and not just as virtual functions, that can deliver a tangible experience and that celebrate the concept of touching, tactile sensations and materials. Discover more with the “MP_NR The Necessary is Invisible” dissertation project from student Monica Schella. A device – more a mini computer than a mobile phone – that doesn’t aim to deprive an individual from technology but rather moderate its use through different usage modes.


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