Fashion Products Management | © Estudiante: Pasco Valeria Barreto Diamanti



Start date

October 2023




On campus


9 Months


60 IED (480+20 Horas)



Learn to identify new market product and design trends in the fashion industry, develop management skills that give you a global understanding of what your customers want.

This Master's Degree in Fashion Product Management is an excellent opportunity to discover the inner workings of a fashion brand, the decisive factors and best strategies to make your project a success. You’ll learn to manage every stage of the production process, differentiate between various consumables and materials, negotiate with suppliers and implement communication strategies. 


As a specialist product manager you’ll play a key role when a fashion brand wants to launch a new product or run a promotional campaign. And you’ll be actively involved in the decisions taken at every level of the brand’s business. 


New contexts: a specialisation to find new business opportunities for consumer products in the fashion industry, working as a product manager, retail manager, country product manager, retail/luxury buyer, marketing manager, digital marketing manager, key account manager or PR manager.

Information to decide

Discover the various business disciplines in the fashion industry, hone your skills as a professional fashion product manager.

This is a project-based program in which you’ll learn-by-doing, interacting with lecturers and fellow students in environments similar to those you’ll find in the professional sector. Everyone is free to play their own individual role, and dialogue is seen as an interdisciplinary vector of innovation. The program includes classes on theory and practical case studies, with everything you need to develop your own projects.

The objective of the program is to provide you with the necessary tools and skills to make decisions and implement strategies in an ever-changing environment using different business models for creative, operational and product areas.

IED conferences held by experts in a variety of fields let you keep pace with the rapid evolution in the world of fashion. This gives you the chance to consider different points of view and find expert answers to any doubts that may arise during the 10-month course.

Working together, students from various programs develop a unique collaborative CoLAB project. Work groups are introduced to new disciplines and techniques by professionals who have already made their mark in the sector.

This program is for people with a degree or diploma in Communication, Marketing, Administration, Business Administration and Management, Advertising, Art and Design.

If you have a healthy interest in fashion and want a better understanding of how the sector is evolving and the emergence of new trends, new processes and technologies, this is the program for you. This master's degree is a great option for those who want to take their first steps in fashion projects.

The Master's Degree in Fashion Product Management is predominately a practice-based program, which makes it ideal for optimising development time, implementing everything you’ve learned in class, collaborating with a company, or developing a personal project. Having a teaching staff with extensive experience in the sector, eager to pass on everything they’ve learned, is a clear advantage. 

We’ll be taking an in-depth look at the marketing concepts used in the fashion industry, to develop a versatile professional profile in high demand.  

The program gives you a global vision of the fashion market, and the know-how you need to implement new creative processes as a professional capable of taking strategic management decisions in response to fashion industry and world events


What will you learn?

The course takes a practical approach, but also provides a wealth of didactic material. Developing case studies is the most effective way to fully understand the concepts you’re working on in each of the course subjects. 


Human Resource Management for Fashion Companies

Business start-up 101

Retail Operations/ Operating Model

Finance and In-House Auditing

General Management and Expansion

An introduction to Retail


Digital Retail

Fashion Trends and Culture

Retail Fashion sector segmentation (luxury, premium, fast fashion)

Fashion Product Segmentation (families)

Market Studies: Benchmarking & Analysis

Collection Design and Structure

Production: Sourcing fabrics, timing, origins, QC and suppliers

Product Management: Merchandising



CRM & Clienteling (Incl. Big Data)

Communication, Press & PR (brand)

Visual Merchandising



Legal Framework and IP



Final Project Master's Thesis


Clemente Hernández Sánchez


Rubén Sáez Carrasco


María Costas