Documentary Photography and Reportage

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As the first of three modules that form the Master of Professional Photography at the IED Madrid, this specialization course is dedicated to documentary and reportage. It also includes transferable knowledge in copyright issues, media relations, communication theory, ethics of the image, retouching and colour correction, new documentary practice, location management, and contracts. A strong and appealing personal work can make the difference when trying to convince magazines and publishers. Based on this assumption, the enhancement of the students’ professional skills in documentary photography is complemented by developing a personal body of work.

The co-directors of this course are good examples of a new breed of photographers who see their documentary work embedded in the artistic field. They are also docents of the European Master of Fine Art Photography and will tutor the students in the creation of a personal artistic project that will go far beyond pure technical excellence.

Students will enter the world of reportage through a network of lecturers, teacher, tutors, and the program’s directors. They have the opportunity to further their studies in the framework of the Master of Professional Photography and to promote the final project through our contributing partners, with the ends of publication and distribution.

  • Credits
  • Start date
    January 2020
  • Duration
    3 months
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This course is one of three modules, which can be combined in the form of a Master of Professional Photography.

The main objectives of this course are:

• Offer students a view of current tendencies in documentary photography and audio-visual reportage.

• Implement the tools and knowledge used in the photography industry.

• Introduce different modes of practice in documentary photography.

• Reflect on the role of the photographer within the media.

• Experience, through a personal project, what it’s like to create a story that is good enough to be published.

• Examine photographic practices within contemporary media contexts.

• Show the cultural value of photography, forms of collaboration and creative funding models.

• Analyse the challenges and limitations of the market in times of strong media convergence and downsizing.

Professional Opportunities. This course offers students the chance to access the field of professional photography, which has a high demand in many fields:

• Press and media photographer

• Editorial photographer

• Post-production artist

• Picture editor

• Agency Assistant